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Mediator in a sentence

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Synonym: go-betweenintercessorintermediaryintermediatorSimilar words: mediateimmediateimmediatelyintermediatemediamedianmedialcomedianMeaning: ['mːɪdɪeɪtə(r)]  n. a negotiator who acts as a link between parties. 
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1. He will appear in the role of mediator.
2. They are ready to meet the official mediator.
3. A mediator has been called in to resolve the crisis.
4. I offered to act as mediator and tried to bring about a reconciliation between the two parties.
5. An arch-bishop has been acting as mediator between the rebels and the authorities.
6. My role is to act as a mediator between employees and management.
7. The use of a solicitor trained as a mediator would obviate the need for independent legal advice.
8. Conflict manager: resolving disputes, acting as a mediator. 7.
9. The Roman pontiff's unique powers as mediator are stressed.
10. The professional as mediator is frequently the picture which emerges.
11. In 1984, for example, an external mediator was appointed following the breakdown of negotiations, and agreement reached under his auspices.
12. It's unclear how or when the mediator would react if a new pact isn't reached today.
13. The mediator merely functions as a facilitator and has no legal power to force the parties to accept these suggestions.
14. In simple terms, middleware is the ultimate mediator between diverse software programs that enables them talk to one another.
15. Although glutamate is the presumed mediator,( other neurotransmitters may modulate its effects.
16. Therefore, when the wise mediator effects a compromise, he is not acting from political motivation.
17. The mediator for the action of ethanol on the parietal cell is not known.
18. Christ is our Mediator, our Intercessor, our Advocate.
19. The United States was involved in these conflicts, sometimes as a mediator, always as a Supplier of arms.
20. Also the regime wants to offer something to Asean and justify constructive engagement by accepting a mediator from an Asean member country.
21. He personally had a moderately good record with the natives, and as a mediator often took their side.
22. There were to be times when education was to be secondary to his role as a mediator.
23. Arthur and Melwas, they said, were brought by some mediator in the Council to agree on terms.
24. Specialist positions such as goalkeeper and striker would be joined by the mediator and even ambassador.
25. Dispute Mediation will offer fixed-price mediation to include the costs of administration, venue and mediator.
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26. Peter Medak uses his camera not as a spectator but as commentator, even as mediator.
27. As a Catholic and exemplar civil servant he acted as adviser to and mediator between the government and the Catholic Church authorities.
28. She had created the situation in which the pupils had learned, had acted as mediator and had controlled their learning process.
29. Or do they bide their time and seek to defuse the situation by negotiations via a mediator?
30. The rate constant for the chem. reaction of benzoquinone with reduced GOD was measured, and the advantage of benzoquinone over oxygen as a mediator in bioelectrocatalysis was discussed.
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