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Disconcert in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: confusediscomfitdiscomposeflurryput offuntuneupsetSimilar words: disconcertingconcertconcertedmisconceivemisconceptiondiscontinuancesconceconcernMeaning: [‚dɪskən'sɜːt]  v. 1. cause to feel embarrassment 2. cause to lose one's composure. 
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1. I changed my mind and disconcerted her plan.
2. The whole experience had disconcerted him.
3. His vague reply disconcerted us completely.
4. Her constant shuffling of newspapers disconcerted us.
5. I found some of his personal habits rather disconcerting.
6. I found all that noise rather disconcerting.
7. His answer rather disconcerted her.
8. I was a little disconcerted by his reply.
9. There was a disconcerting silence.
10. Antony's wry smile disconcerted Sutcliffe.
11. He was disconcerted to find the other guests formally dressed.
12. She had the disconcerting habit of saying exactly what she thought.
13. Bright light disconcerted her.
14. He was disconcerted to find his fellow diners already seated.
15. The young madam was disconcerted to discover that she was being watched.
16. I was very disconcerted to find that everyone else already knew it.
17. Nothing was known to disconcert him,( certainly not the death of a man he had disliked.
18. It did not disconcert Sly that he found himself addressing an audience who were all wearing false dingo ears.
19. To disrupt the composure of; disconcert.
20. Disconcert: The cat's cold stare disconcerted me.
21. The events about to occur will disconcert others but not you.
22. I behaved with a politeness which seemed to disconcert him.
23. The reception desk is not at street level, which is a little disconcerting.
24. Meeting a group of complete strangers from backgrounds very different to my own, in such an alien environment, was disconcerting.
25. But since she'd considered herself relatively fit, she was disconcerted when her muscles began aching after just a short time.
26. The two women looked on without uttering a word, without a gesture, without a look which could disconcert the Bishop.
27. How could she face her parents, get back her box, and disconcert the whole scheme for the rehabilitation of her family on such sentimental grounds?
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