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Sonorous in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: heavySimilar words: porousamorousodorousdecoroustimoroushumorousrigorousvigorousMeaning: ['sɑnərəs /'sɒnərəs]  adj. full and loud and deep. 
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1. "Doctor McKee?" the man called in an even, sonorous voice.
2. The sonorous voice of the speaker echoed round the room.
3. The sonorous voice of the speaker echoed round the hall.
4. I take a stroll in the sonorous gardens.
5. Immediately the sonorous booming of the sea flowed into and took possession of the room like a vibrating and irresistible force.
6. One hour later the sonorous tones of Dame Melba's singing resonated through a little backstreet near the river.
7. His voice was sonorous, and long, flourished sentences came from his mouth perfectly formed.
8. There is a sonorous bell in the tower.
9. Sonorous singing came from the distance.
10. He has a deep sonorous voice.
11. Duanmu - sonorous voice to continue to have said.
12. This poem is both majestic and sonorous.
13. Mr. Kenge spoke in a sonorous voice.
14. Luther's Protestantism is a grand theology, a sonorous earnest hardheaded Christianity.
15. Northern opera is defined by very loud and sonorous singing.
16. The sonorous voice of the priest resounded in the church.
17. This strange and sonorous cry was produced by a game bird called grouse in the United States.
18. While talking , the professor sounds very sonorous , and forcful.
19. It was possible that the sweetly sonorous hymns stimulated me.
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20. When Isabella wins a military victory she celebrates it with eleven days of psalms and the sonorous severities of priests.
21. From time to time in the Life, he describes Johnson's voice as manly, or deep, or sonorous, or loud.
22. The outer door was open this time and a sonorous voice responded to his knock.
23. This year a mere sprat of a northern lass won my heart playing hers out on a mighty and sonorous trombone.
24. And then there was the music, which would sound far more ample and sonorous when played indoors.
25. It was not the breathing of a seventeen-year-old, that's for sure, but something more sonorous.
26. In other words, it's a very natural urge; of course, so is burping, but most men are able to restrain their sonorous belches around the ladies.
27. Then came Yo-Yo Ma '76, swaying and ecstatic, playing sonorous Bach on his cello. Afterward, President Drew Faust joined him on the tented stage in front of the Memorial Church.
28. Cantabile youth, as well as and flow, sometimes low, sometimes sonorous.
29. He was continually giving vent to a hearty , sonorous, unshared laugh.
30. These much - quoted words can apply also to the sonorous prose of Bartram.
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