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Apart in a sentence

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Antonym: togetherSimilar words: set apartapartmentapart fromtake apartpartpartydepartin partMeaning: [ə'pɑːt]  adj. 1. remote and separate physically or socially 2. not living together as man and wife 3. having characteristics not shared by others. adv. 1. separated or at a distance in place or position or time 2. not taken into account or excluded from consideration 3. away from another or others 4. placed or kept separate and distinct as for a purpose 5. one from the other 6. into parts or pieces. 
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1. Tony emerged unscathed apart from a severely bruised finger.
2. He tore the curtain apart and looked out.
3. A dog can tear a rabbit apart in seconds.
4. This book was old and soon fell apart.
5. The two buildings are eight metres apart.
6. There is some bread apart from the milk.
7. The book was old and soon fell apart.
8. You can take the mixer apart to clean it.
9. Their birthdays are only three days apart.
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10. Can you draw the curtains apart?
11. Nothing else matters to him apart from his job.
12. She drew the curtains apart.
13. She sat on the ground, picking the pictures apart.
14. The house stands apart from the village.
15. Apart from his intelligence, he was tirelessly industrious.
16. We draw further apart, but the same.
17. He picked apart an old quilt.
18. He and his wife grew apart.
19. Catch one's heart,never be apart.
20. War and revolution have torn families apart.
21. This toy is made to pull apart.
22. Stand with your feet wide apart.
23. Can you distinguish the twins apart?
24. He hacked the box apart with the ax.
25. My jacket is coming apart at the seams.
26. You'd better keep the two aggressive boys apart.
27. Over the years we just drifted apart.
28. The 2 buildings are 200 meters apart.
29. These notes are an octave apart.
30. The two houses stood 500 metres apart.
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