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Incredulous in a sentence

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Antonym: credulousSimilar words: credulousnebulouson creditincredibleincrediblyscrupulousridiculousfantabulousMeaning: [ɪn'kredʒələs /-djʊl-]  adj. not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving. 
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1. 'You sold the car?' she asked, incredulous.
2. She gave me an incredulous glance.
3. I am wholly incredulous of the truth of his story.
4. A few incredulous spectators watched as Paterson, ranked 23rd in the world, beat the champion.
5. "He made you do it?" Her voice was incredulous.
6. She shot him an incredulous look.
7. 'Here?' said Kate, incredulous.
8. I came to sensible awareness; to incredulous understanding.
9. The announcement was met by incredulous laughter.
10. Who stare at us with incredulous scorn.
11. "You don't have a car?" asked one incredulous woman.
12. His voice was whispered, incredulous; something about the curious paths of his own life caused him endless surprise.
13. In view of the latter's steady, incredulous gaze, I could not blame him.
14. The judges were so incredulous they twice remeasured the length of the course.
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15. Everyone looked incredulous when I said I used to drive a taxi.
16. He is incredulous when she says that some people might think better of Jason for confessing his fear.
17. Incredulous, the attendant alerted the senior flight attendant.
18. Kastner was incredulous and sought to dismiss Gauss.
19. They are incredulous of hearsay.
20. He was incredulous. " Like hell he is!
21. Slightly incredulous the attendant alerts the senior flight attendant.
22. There was a brief, incredulous silence.
23. Inspector Kelsey looked still more incredulous.
24. If we are truthful we may admit that we find the ideas of the virgin birth or the resurrection incredulous.
25. Fiver, as he listened, had shown a mixture of intense absorption and incredulous horror.
26. But supposing ... the thought of another man made her give an incredulous little shake of the head.
27. With a flourish he removed the cover and revealed to the incredulous eyes of the staff a feast of sausages and bacon.
28. A sob rose in his throat, blending with an incredulous, nervous giggle framed by his lips.
29. I've been pushing multi-touch gestural for over 20 years myself, beginning while I was still at Apple, incredulous that everyone has been ignoring it.
30. After I told her the story, Jane gave me an incredulous smile.
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