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Highness in a sentence

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Synonym: HighnessloftinessSimilar words: high-neckedtoughnessrashnessfreshnessbrashnesssmoothnesslavishnessfreakishnessMeaning: ['haɪnɪs] n. 1. (Your Highness or His Highness or Her Highness) title used to address a royal person 2. the condition of being high or lofty 3. a high degree (of amount or force etc.). 
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1. Will that be all, Your Highness?
2. That would be best, Your Highness.
3. Her Royal Highness has definite views about most things.
4. But that's the deal,[] Your Highness.
5. Her Royal Highness went round the room meeting many of those who had supported this Gala evening.
6. Besides, I don't want anything from you, Your Highness.
7. No, Your Highness, you are, of course, welcome to stay.
8. Thank you, Your Royal Highness.
9. His Royal Highness was not available for comment, except in dire necessity.
10. Thank you, your Royal Highness.
11. Her Royal Highness who was looking radiant, assured everybody that she would be back on skis at next year's Championships.
12. His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness will attend today's ball.
13. Broken hymen of your highness I'm left black?
14. His Royal Highness has been made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in recognition of his work in this field.
15. The highness and farness of the main peak emphasize a king of central value which is just the value shared by Chinese literati and that's the so-called world cares.
16. Reporter: Which of the cities visited did Your Highness enjoy the most?
17. However, since his Highness desires it, let her attend the Court.
18. The highness of the wall prevents thieves from entering.
19. His Royal Highness is the crown prince of Dubai and theminister of the United Arab Emirates.
20. Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent opened an art exhibition recently.
21. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.
22. His Royal Highness Sigismund - Siegfriend - Lauenfeld - Dinkelspiel - Schwartzenberg Blutwurst, Hereditary Grant Duke of Katzenyammer.
23. Then Royal Highness will voice His speech in the Open Court, followed by an ear caressing and spectacular 'acte de presence' of the Kikvorschen.
24. Here, propose individuality , decline Philistinism , the highness of your thought is equaled by big of your space!
25. Cook! Cook! Where's my Hasenpfeffer? -Coming right up, royal highness. Bon appetit, oh gracious majesty.
26. Oh no! I mean fuscous jacket I'm wearing, Your Royal Highness.
27. Pressman: Which of the fities that you visited did your Highness enjoy the most?
28. He was, according to witnesses, extremely wintry with Her Royal Highness.
29. Some useful conclusions will be gained by comparing the span, section format, slab highness and construction mode of rein-forced concrete continued slab bridge.
30. I was not new to violent death - I have served his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland , and got a wound myself at Fontenoy - but I know my pulse went dot and carry one.
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