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Doting in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-03-25Updated:2017-03-25
Synonym: adoringfondSimilar words: votingfootingshootingmotivatingguillotinenot in the leastingratiatingtingeMeaning: ['dəʊtɪŋ]  adj. extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent. 
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1. The doting husband catered to his wife's every wish.
2. We saw photographs of the doting father with the baby on his knee.
3. Doting dad Seb is delighted with his beautiful new daughter.
4. His doting parents bought him his first racing bike at 13.
5. No doubt the woman thought him a concerned, doting husband.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. Or a weepy Tom Hanks tribute to his doting wife?
7. Code doting is used by some food manufacturers on products that have a long shelf life.
8. Gloria had an old Studebaker that her doting father had given her.
9. Blame it doting parents, teachers and coaches.
10. Ah, a gift from a doting grandmother, of course.
11. TYPICAL USE : A doting mother alienates her husband by lavishing too much love on their child.
12. Finally, the descriptions of the official doting and the plebeian canniness reflect the different judicial wisdom of the authorities and plebs.
13. Yet she'd never had such a luxury of doting on one person alone, day after day.
14. A doting grandmother harnessed a donkey , pursued the boy and rode to guerrilla headquarters.
15. Irene asked her doting husband if he would build her a handloom.
16. When he grows a little taller, doting parents will trade in football lessons for basketball coaching.
17. A doting mother alienates her husband lavishing too much love on their child.
18. The doting & growing series of Beijing people accord with the fixed program for this city.
19. The actress is a doting grandmother but she's still game for a bit of transgressive fun Shall we sit here instead?
20. Fawzia was sophisticated and had been accustomed to great luxury and pampering, no least from her doting brother.
21. This is typical of the celebrity worship sites erected by doting fans.
22. I was born six months later and immediately became the darling of my doting grandmother.
23. A grandma's name is little less in love than is the doting title of a mother. William Shakespeare 
24. She is very smart , even accept that I am such a doting grandmother.
25. Fathers in their 30 s and 40 s still feel a bit ashamed of being a doting parent.
26. With mumble, sobbing, cheering , prayerful , tender or doting voice.
27. I just feel I'm rather blessed having such a doting boyfriend.
28. After sitting quietly for some time, Mrs. Lin gradually hiccups, and began her usual doting routine.
29. ''We want a lot from men these days, '' says sex and relationship psychologist Petra Boynton. ''They're meant to be the breadwinners, but also doting, hands-on dads who deliver mind-blowing orgasms.''
30. Most of the early symbolists were devoted to art for art's sake, affecting "stained glass attitudes", doting on flowers and delicate prints and cultivating rare refinement of style.
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