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Torque in a sentence

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Sentence count:201Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: torsionSimilar words: barquemarqueeperquisitetorttornmotorstorystorkMeaning: [tɔrk /tɔː-]  n. a twisting force. 
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1. The more torque an engine has, the bigger the load it can pull in the same gear.
2. There's good torque for clean response and brisk pick-up after shifting gear, but high-end engine output is nothing startling.
3. Bigger capacity engines produce more torque as more fuel is burnt per firing stroke, giving a bigger push to the piston.
4. The consequent reduction in torque at low speeds, resulting in poor initial acceleration, is compensated by the higher steady-state speed.
5. Engines with good torque back-up handle a wide load changes without the need to shift gear.
6. Accurate load positioning: static torque characteristics 3.1 Introduction Most stepping motor applications involve accurate positioning of a mechanical load.
7. They called for high power and torque, low smoke and exhaust emission levels, quiet, and good fuel economy.
8. A load torque produces a static position error, which can be deduced directly from the static torque/rotor position characteristic.
9. The shoulder torque has most effect on the arm of the player, the wrist torque on the club itself.
10. The torque per unit volume of the permanent-magnet stepping motor is relatively poor, so production is limited to the smallest sizes.
11. Finally the relevant torque correction factor is found from Table 5.2.
12. This torque will gradually reduce the axial spin rate of M until it too is in synchronous rotation.
13. The corresponding torque/position character-is tic is shown it, Fig. 6.4.
14. The pull-out torque at low speeds can be expressed in terms of the peak static torque using the methods described in Section 4.2.
15. Sharp tugs at the Calibra's wheel show that torque steer is definitely present when going hard through the lower gears.
16. With the half-stepping excitation scheme, for example, the pull-out torque is predicted precisely from the d.c. and fundamental current components.
17. But it's more than power the kit provides-it also offers a massive boost in torque.
18. Newer models have the advantages of increased flexibility and torque control.
19. When relative motion occurs between the damper components there is a mutual drag torque.
20. If the switching angle is not optimised at any operating speed then the motor torque is less than the pull-out torque.
21. Our own H. D. Battery was replaced with a small torque start, there being insufficient room under the bonnet.
22. Only four steps are required to decelerate the motor, as the load torque contributes to the decelerating torque.
23. For motors with a large number of phases the torque reduction at low speeds is less pronounced.
24. What you will really love, though, is the buckets of low-down torque that the G-lader blower and intercooler create.
25. The motor velocity increases under the influence of the positive torque and the equilibrium position is attained with maximum velocity.
26. In the five-phase machine, for example, the highest peak static torque is obtained when two or three phases are excited.
27. The pto is designed to withstand the engine's high torque.
28. Ratios should be spaced so on changing up, the engine operates in the area of steep torque rise.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. At the end of this time the rotor has moved forward to a position where the motor is producing negative torque.
30. I didn't protest as it was his fence officially, and he was supposed to be a good judge of torque.
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