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Perquisite in a sentence

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Synonym: exclusive rightfringe benefitperkprerogativeprivilegeSimilar words: requisiteexquisiteprerequisiteinquisitorinquisitioninquisitiveacquisitionspanish inquisitionMeaning: ['pɜrkwɪzɪt /'pɜː-]  n. 1. an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right) 2. a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right). 
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1. Perquisites include the use of the company car.
2. They are rewarded in pay,power and perquisites.
3. She gets various perquisites in addition to her wages.
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4. Politics in Britain used to be the perquisite of the property - owning classes .
5. Politics used to be the perquisite of the property-owning classes.
6. The perquisites were attractive, too.
7. Contests over perquisites were not confined to textile manufacture.
8. Elena shared some of Zhivkov's perquisites of power.
9. Similarly for the United States: incomes, perquisites and public reputation are not dependent on bureau size.
10. But the perquisites and the influence which court office brought with it were probably, for most men, adequate compensation.
11. The revenues collected and the perquisites enjoyed by the wardens of the various royal forests show a general similarity.
12. Name-giving is one of the perquisites of leading exploratory dives to vent sites.
13. In addition to a salary, most governors received perquisites such as transportation and an official residence.
14. To him an important embassy was a perquisite of birth rather than the culmination of years of painstaking effort.
15. Perquisites are a key part of the White House, and staff members measure their importance by them.
16. Perquisites are probably at a relatively low level, with the exception of the pension.
17. Conclusion: The perquisite for a successful anesthesia during liver transplantation includes strict monitor and appropriate management.
18. Under the perquisite of the everyday, he has reconstructed a personal system of art.
19. Politics was the perquisite of the upper class B. Sewall.
20. The wardrobe of her niece was the perquisite of her [ maid ] Tobias Smollett.
21. The right to that appointment was presumably an established perquisite of the chief steward.
22. And they coddle reporters in a warm cocoon of perquisites.
23. Those who get a "B" grade alternatively better in math or science later achieving the way will be fit for a perquisite of 125 dollars, leaving them potentially 605 dollars meliorate off in total.
24. Distinguishing primary factors from environmental influential factors affecting logging - while - drilling resistivity is a perquisite to environmental correction.
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