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Epidermis in a sentence

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Synonym: cuticleSimilar words: epidemicpermissionpermissibleunderminetaxidermytrepidationpermitverminMeaning: [‚epɪ'dɜːmɪs]  n. the outer layer of the skin covering the exterior body surface of vertebrates. 
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1, The external layer of skin is called the epidermis.
2, The epidermis degenerates and little trace of its cells remains in the fully hardened wings.
3, The result is an epidermis which is better able to mimic the softness and freshness of younger skin.
4, Possibly the role is to induce the epidermis which it comes into contact with to fold up to form a nerve cord.
5, The study of leaf epidermis at the specific level on Chinese Pennisetum.
6, Stomatal density and stomatal index on upper epidermis of petal, bract and calyx were smaller than those on lower surface.
7, The relationship between the structure of epidermis and content of aloin was also discussed in this paper.
8, The micromorphological characters of achene epidermis of the subgenus are varied, can provide numerous informations for systematic study.
9, There is a neoplasm originating in his leg's epidermis.
10, Epidermis was separated from dermis, cut into pieces, digested with 0.25 % trypsin for about 5 - 7 mins.
11, Franco consists of three layers: the epidermis, the middle layer and the tapetum.
12, In two places of the outer epidermis, some cells have discontinuous radial walls forming a syncytium.
13, The leaf epidermis contained gelatinous epidermal cells and hydrapoten.
14, Ultrasound degreasing made pigskin epidermis shed apparently, making getting rid of epidermis keratin easier.
15, Methods The mouse tail scaled epidermis and the vaginal epithelial in estrus cycle were used to assess the effects of Capsaicin on epidermal keratinization and epithelial mitosis respectively.
16, Cells of both nectariferous tissue and epidermis are secreting cells.
17, It is confined to the single row of basal cells at the free edge of the epidermis.
18, The first line of plant resistance is the surface skin layer, the epidermis,( like your own skin.
19, It appeared to be some disturbance of the atmosphere, a puckering slash of the ethereal epidermis itself.
20, They are able to receive nutrients through the whole surface of the plant body, especially the epidermis of the leaves.
21, At the same time, the walls of the pocket become extremely thin but retain their connection with the general epidermis.
22, The permeability barrier is located in the outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum.
23, Dermabrasion , is a type of plastic surgery that is meant to refinish your skin by replacing the abraded skin with new collagen and epidermis .
24, It is observed that the stomas on the adaxial and abaxial epidermis of the same leaves open unequally and their densities are similar.
25, This system has become so efficient that in a recent trip from Hawaii to the mainland so little of their epidermis died that they did not require a mud bath to recover from the trip.
26, With high molecule PVP in-depth absorption, it accelerates metabolism of skin cell , effectively removes dead cornified skin cells, peels dark epidermis, thus procrastinating aging.
27, The most common type, known as prickly heat, results when sweat escapes into the epidermis.
28, In the plant organs, the stomatic distribution characteristics of leaf epidermis may be taken as an evidence of plant classification.
29, Methods: Ruthenium tetroxide and osmium tetroxide were compared as post fixative in the preparation of hairless epidermis for transmission electron microscopic examination.
30, The female archesporium differentiates from the single cell under the epidermis of nucellus.
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