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Germinal in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2017-03-20
Similar words: terminateterminationexterminateinterminablyinterminableindeterminateexterminationdeterminativeMeaning: ['dʒɜrmɪnl /'dʒɜːm-]  n. seventh month of the Revolutionary calendar (March and April); the month of buds. adj. containing seeds of later development. 
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(1) The germinal membrane were divided into tegument and cyton.
(2) Many small lymphocytes are destroyed and germinal centres depleted.
(3) be used as a germinal center B cell ( GCB ) DLBCL marker was also discussed.
(4) The Structure of Peyer's patch was similar to that of caecal tonsil, which consisted of densely-packed lymphoid cells and many lymphoid nodules (germinal centres).
(5) Each follicle contains a germinal center populated by rapidly proliferating B cells and macrophages.
(6) There are two deficiencies on the germinal Confucianism. Firstly, our research on the idea of Confucius" benevolence have a misapprehend."
(7) The Wealth of Nations is the germinal book of modern economics or political economy.
(8) His germinal selection theory is pregnant with novelty and dialectic ideas.
(9) Positive Control Germinal center in a tonsil or a reactive lymph node.
(10) Multiple lymphoid aggregates with active germinal centers were also seen.
(11) Pathologic examination: lymph follicle and germinal center activated, while in AZT group showed depletion.
(12) Inguinales superficials hydroncus, the area of the germinal center reduces.
(13) Neurogenesis persists in two germinal regions in the adult mammalian brain, the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricles and the subgranular zone in the hippocampal formation.
(14) Purkinje made many important discoveries, including the germinal vesicles, sweat glands in the epidermis, and the fibres in the heart which conduct electrical impulses (now known as Purkinje fibres).
(15) Germ balls in daughter sporocyst, suckers of the cercaria, germinal primordia and unicellular gland of the cercaria contain DNA positive substances.
(16) After gastrulation, the embryo consists of a three-layered, flat, oval germinal disk.
(17) The periarterial lymphatic sheath in white pulp was thin. There were splenic nodules occasionally(Sentencedict), no germinal center was observed.
(18) Whether E 2 F 1 can be used as a germinal center B cell ( GCB ) DLBCL marker was also discussed.
(19) So at unknown before Society restrain emotions, patience, observation, germinal remorse in order to avoid exfacto.
(20) The gonads form from a group of large granulated yolk sac cells which invacle the germinal ridges.
(21) The amniotic cavity, which is initially located dorsal to the germinal disk, grows rapidly and eventually encircles the fetus, obliterates the chorionic cavity, and envelops the umbilical cord.
(22) The wall of the sausage-shaped testis is composed of connective tissue and germinal epithelium inside.
(23) Ooplasm was gradually filled up with yolk granules, and the membrane of the germinal vesicle began to disappear.
(24) There were certain differences in pollen extine sculpture and germinal pore.
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