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Pergola in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: arborarbourbowerSimilar words: ergoundergoundergoneergonomicsgoldforgotgolfercargoMeaning: ['pɜrgələ /'pɜː-]  n. a framework that supports climbing plants. 
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1. Imagine the effect of a pergola, ablaze with laburnum.
2. A simple pergola and screen provide light and shade.
3. Seven nights self-catering at Dassia's Pergola Studios is £184-£259.
4. The patio gets a southern exposure, and a pergola shades about 75 percent of the midday sun.
5. They ate outdoors, under a vine pergola on a wide terrace overlooking the sea.
6. In the back yard a pergola is constructed to protect against the blazing sun.
7. Where does eight flowers inside the pergola look for Ao Bi Island hundred - flower garden magic?
8. The pergola of the gloriette represents the rise of the bubbles in a champagne glass, offering a transparency of the interior with the exterior.
9. Is pergola outside star castle ruin seed in Ao Bi Island magic Thenk you?
10. If lying under the grape pergola, you can hear they are talking to each other.
11. The PV cells are mounted on a pergola in the garden. A back-up battery ensures the operation of essential services in the event of power failure.
12. Is pergola clinkety - clank brook seed card plate in Ao Bi Island magic Thenk you?
13. Pergola: Garden walk or terrace typically formed by two rows of columns or posts roofed with an open framework of beams and cross rafters over which plants are trained.
14. There are two styles to choose from: the traditional apex, shown here, and the flat pergola top.
15. A good plant for shade, it makes an attractive edging to the border under our pergola.
16. They finished their drinks and as they got up from the table Fernando plucked a sprig of jasmine from the pergola.
17. They find it difficult to build a home for their babies in a Dimmock water feature or a teak pergola.
18. Their pool was oval-shaped and illuminated at night by carriage-lamps, fixed to the posts of the pergola which surrounded it.
19. Slats close to the building will cast dappled shade, while the tree is drawn into the composition by the well-detailed pergola.
20. You may be able to accommodate this bending by tying in to a longish pergola or trellis on a wall or fence.
21. On approach from the street, the sloping terrain naturally guides an axial timber boardwalk under a simple timber pergola structure arriving in the courtyard opposite the Morton Bay Ash.
22. They approached an olden building warmed by pastel roses climbing a wrought-iron
23. The results were as follows: as for wine made by grape from pergola system, it had a few kinols of higher alcohols and lower cont.
24. Jade vine is grown in tropical landscapes, trained to a stout trellis, arch or pergola.
25. Training systems had great influence on the leaf PAR capture, leaf and fruit temperature microclimate. Canopy temperature microclimate was better in T-bar and hedgerow trellis than in pergola trellis.
26. New stems could be coiled around upright supports, woven through a pergola or looped along a fence.
27. There is obviously edge angle in the towel gourd whose one end has small yellow flower seems to whisper with small cucurbits under the pergola.
28. On warm evenings, dinner is served at a long candlelit table under the pergola on the terrace.
29. The urban vertical greening may divide into six forms:wall greening, column greening, fence greening, slope greening, pergola greening and roof greening.
30. The leaf microstructure and chloroplast ultrastructure of grapes cultivated with pergola in greenhouse developed normally, and Its were exceptional cultivated with vertical trellis system.
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