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Bleach in a sentence

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Synonym: blanching agentbleach outbleaching agentdecolordecolorisedecolorizedecolourdecolourisedecolourizediscolorisediscolorizediscolourisewhitenerSimilar words: bleachingunimpeachableeachpeachreachteachbeachteacherMeaning: [bliːtʃ] n. 1. the whiteness that results from removing the color from something 2. an agent that makes things white or colorless 3. the act of whitening something by bleaching it (exposing it to sunlight or using a chemical bleaching agent). v. 1. remove color from 2. make whiter or lighter. 
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(1) These products don't bleach the hair.
(2) Peroxide is a bleach and an antiseptic.
(3) Use bleach to lighten the wood.
(4) They used bleach to kill any germs in the sink and drain.
(5) She scrubbed the counters down with bleach.
(6) Bleach keeps the white clothes from yellowing.
(7) The sun will bleach the hairs on your face.
(8) Most bottles of bleach have childproof lids.
(9) She left the cloth in the sun to bleach.
(10) There's a really strong smell of bleach in the corridor.
(11) Use some bleach on this shirt.
(12) Everybody circled up like wagon trains around the bleach vats and wood room and even the goddamn lunch table.
(13) To play the part(Sentence dictionary), Kensit had to bleach her hair and gain 20 pounds.
(14) A single sip of bleach is not toxic, but an overdose of Tylenol can kill you.
(15) Concentrated bleach can be diluted with water.
(16) Soak the cloth in a mixture of bleach and water to get out the stains.
(17) I poured bleach down the loo.
(18) Disinfect the toilet regularly using bleach.
(19) Ordinary chlorine bleach kills the virus on contact and can be used to sterilize needles between uses.
(20) Then she set to with bleach and scouring pads to render the vases spotless.
(21) Remove stains by soaking in a mild solution of bleach.
(22) The tree's roots are stripped and hung to season and bleach.
(23) We are looking for an environmentally benign alternative to bleach.
(24) Stash a plastic spray bottle with a mixture of bleach and water under the sink.
(25) To cure condensation, the mould has to be killed off with a bleach solution[], and then warmth and ventilation increased.
(26) Then, the caps should be removed and the acorns rinsed in lukewarm water with a bit of bleach.
(27) Clean rocks, plastic plants, etc in a bucket of warm water with a cupful of household bleach.
(28) On many farms, there's still plenty of scope in the variable costs, believes Aubourn Farming agronomist Nick Bleach.
(29) Rinse it well for an hour in running fresh water to prevent it from turning yellow because of bleach residue.
(30) They seek her advice on how to shift stains without bleach and how to go green on a budget.
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