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Subterranean in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2017-04-07Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: subterraneousulteriorSimilar words: mediterraneansubterfugeerrantaberrantterrafool's errandterrainterrariumMeaning: [‚sʌbtə'reɪnɪən]  adj. 1. being or operating under the surface of the earth 2. lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed (especially being kept in the background or deliberately concealed). 
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(1) London has 9 miles of such subterranean passages.
(2) She draws on subterranean forces to subjugate and control.
(3) Next morning found us deep in subterranean Rims.
(4) Electronic sensors have located a huge subterranean cavern in the Sierre Madre mountain range.
(5) She snarled as she leapt from her subterranean tunnel out into the sunlight, on to the bloodstained sand.
(6) She knew its subterranean power, its ability to command loyalty.
(7) The Government were clearly unaware of the subterranean effort to bring the issue to the fore.
(8) At a later time, according to Hutton, subterranean heat may produce an intrusion of igneous rock.
(9) The twilit subterranean chambers carried undertones of the cave sanctuaries.
(10) Snaking ominously up from its subterranean silo, the 330, 000-pound missile nearly breaks the surface.
(11) A subterranean stream is believed to flow underneath the town.
(12) She is associated with a bridge, a subterranean aqueduct and a magic distaff, one of the symbols of Athene.
(13) The subterranean rhizome is generally short, the narrow leaves forming a dense rosette.
(14) Since then, they have represented the darker, subterranean forces of nature.
(15) To the Incas hell was a subterranean, cold place where you lived on stones: heaven was with the sun.
(16) Listening to this subterranean activity has allowed them to make predictions about how and when each pool of magma will erupt.
(17) And in its place, stacked high in the subterranean vault, was a large pile of guns and ammunition.
(18) The leaves go limp after this subterranean pest has nibbled at the roots.
(19) Every deep-earth geophysicist has his or her own version of this subterranean landscape.
(20) The little man would trot around, mumbling contentedly, reenacting heroic skirmishes with rabid Orks in cramped subterranean Squattish strongholds.
(21) In fact, most of the central section has all but disappeared, the river now wending its subterranean way beneath the town.
(22) The footing corals start to anchor down on the loose rocks, and the subterranean sponges burrow underneath.
(23) Since gallery space was already in short supply, the connecting passage to the Sackler was recast as a subterranean exhibition hall.
(24) Since November, the panels have lined both sides of a subterranean wall near the entrance to a train station.
(25) All around us an increasing crowd was assembling on the platform while the subterranean tunnels thundered and shook with their hidden traffic.
(26) Lovely young human cattle herded by the cannibalistic Morlocks who lived a subterranean life and feared light and fire.
(27) And here the cataract, fighting its way slowly upstream, encountered the subterranean remains of a much older watercourse.
(28) Now she did a very curious thing: she explored all the subterranean passages connecting the Columbia buildings.
(29) In the field opposite are fissures in the underlying limestone, entrances to long subterranean passages.
(30) Then we were off and running with subfreezing temperatures, submerging boats in the water, subservient, subterranean.
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