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Terrarium in a sentence

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Similar words: aquariumplanetariumterraterrainterra firmamediterraneantriumphauditoriumMeaning: n. a vivarium in which selected living plants are kept and observed. 
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1, David looked across to the terrarium.
2, Most of us would, at most, give these terrariums a passing glance.
3, Kneeling by the side of the terrarium, David suddenly heard voices down below in the kitchen.
4, The dry land plants, suitable for paludariums and terrariums, have leaves distinctly divided into the petiole and narrowly lanceolate blades.
5, Finding no road, we leave the terrarium on steroids to enact Plan B, which begins in Oracle.
6, Every day, they observed their terrariums for 45 minutes, writing and talking about whatever they saw.
7, Finally, place your plants inside the terrarium.
8, These under tank heaters permanently adhere to your terrarium, forming a solid bond for optimum transfer.
9, She described making a terrarium as a sort of science experiment, albeit one conducted with color,( texture and visual composition in mind.
10, Tokay gecko hangs upside down in its terrarium at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
11, Juvenile Sarracenia can be raised in a terrarium under lights for two to three years before they need to join the adults and start the cycle of seasons.
12, Enter the lightbulb terrarium, a quick and easy DIY project that lends a bit of nature to a bookshelf or table.
13, A Tokay gecko hangs upside down in its terrarium at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
14, Put the pots into a terrarium with some air circulation. Or if the weather is mild, just put them outside in a sunny location with your other Sarracenia .
15, Humans historically enjoyed the terrarium , and scientists used earth as a place to conduct experiments of all kinds.
16, She asked for help creating a terrarium, telling the woman behind the register, "I've never made one before, but I looked it up on the Internet and was totally obsessed."
17, This second split is where the bio-filtration terrarium floors are located — these open gardens provide clean air to the occupants inside.
18, Much like a terrarium , soon Earth went from an uneven distribution of cold at her poles to hot along the equator became an even 72 degrees global wide.
19, It is best cultivated in soft, moderately acid or neutral water and is the most suitable species for aquariums and terrariums.
20, The second species, R. humilis, has been imported and is cultivated in aquariums and terrariums.
21, He paused to gaze down at the snake, where it lay in its terrarium, basking under a heat lamp. "I just fed this guy his rat yesterday.
22, —and, with his heart pounding, lowered the box into the terrarium and opened the lid.
23, Many are drawn in by the creative aspect — deciding whether to make a tropical terrarium, for example, or one of "the really artistic terrariums," she said, which "take an artistic hand to make.
24, He set down the box and then dragged the python's terrarium across the floor from the bedroom to the living room and set it to one side of the fireplace.
25, Finally if you find that you need something even more chill than Ivy, try your hand at making an ultra-low maintenance moss terrarium.
26, Thus, the keeper will regularly pulverize the peat to maintain a tropical atmosphere in the terrarium.
27, It was no more animate than the glass walls of the terrarium, and Gerard wondered how anyone, even an expert, could tell if the thing was alive or dead.
28, Then he lifted the snake—it was noticeably warm to the touch on the side that had been closest to the fire—and laid it gently in the terrarium.
29, It wasn't until the kettle began to boil that he thought about the fireplace—and the snake stretched out in its terrarium—but by then it was too late.
30, In the last year, she said, the best-selling item in her online store has been a kit for building a terrarium in a small glass bubble. "We sold a gazillion of them," she said.
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