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Stratum in a sentence

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Sentence count:174+2Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: layerlevelSimilar words: erratumstrategyprostratefrustratestrategicillustratemagistrateorchestrateMeaning: ['strætəm ,'streɪ- /'strɑːt-]  n. 1. one of several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another (such as a layer of tissue or cells in an organism or a layer of sedimentary rock) 2. an abstract place usually conceived as having depth. 
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151. The ceramic liners can not only adapt to some tough environment such as deep oil, hard stratum and severe earthiness, but also can use for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation.
152. Many successful experience of replacing cutting-tool with pressure shows that, replacing cutting-tool in pressure of EPB shield in water-rich and pebbly sand stratum is safe and feasible.
153. Based on this project, this paper has used the finite element method to analyze the similar isotrope rock slope with accumulative stratum.
154. Many studies have shown that the Holocene basement stratum in Shanghai region consists of hard clay with upper dark-green and lower yellowish-brown layer.
155. Aim To investigate the penetration kinetics of xanthotoxin in human skin and stratum corneum.
156. The model and the output of experiments makes clear there exists combinational node in lemma stratum.
157. In stratum pyramidale, stratum radiatum, stratum lacunosum of CA1, BDNF immune reactivity in NPY experimental group was higher than in control group and statistical analysis was significant.
158. Makes a macroscopic description by this on the current farmer stratum differentiation.
159. Based on the social stratification perspective, we emphasize on farmer workers' Social stratum, consciousness from. a subjective dimension.
160. The research of seismites mostly focuses on the marine stratum before Paleozoic.
161. Thick stratum was deposited in the west part of southern North China and the Ordos area during the Late Triassic, when the stable North China Craton turned into circum- Pacific tectonic tract.
162. According to the underground pressure theory, which takes stratum movement as key matter, the nonelastic area occurs in coal body under the action of underground pressure.
163. When the dip of bedding is less than the friction angle of rock, the rock stratum will separate and some rock blocks in every rock stratum may slide along joint surface as a whole.
164. In condition of uniform stratum and unchanged flow, the process of equilibrium profile forming is similar to a mathematic question-Toboggan slide with the least time.
165. The article holds the opinion that the main reason for land subsidence is stratum losses and redeposition of the soil around pipeline.
166. Striated muscle cells connected with the neonate chondrocytes firmly. Neonate capillaries and micro blood vessels of various diameters were abundant in striated muscle stratum.
167. Sanding is a phenomenon that stratum sands come out with formation fluid.
168. The skin's outer layer of dead cells—the stratum corneum —is a good barrier,[Sentencedict] so it controls the diffusion rate.
169. Methods An inclined tube well collecting percolating ground water with powerful pump in the water-bearing stratum in the depth of 30 meters below the riverbed of Huanghe River was built.
170. To displace or move a vein lode, or stratum, for example.
171. Log curve, which reflects electrical property about stratum, is one of the important and basic data in petroleum exploration and development.
172. Passing through the especially big watery stratum is economic and effective by using the well point method.
173. Yanqi-Kuche basin reformed through late Yanshan and Xishan movement, there was angular unconformity between tertiary stratum and others that under tertiary.
174. Because of drilling complicatedness of geological condition, some special stratum conditions must adopt new-type washing liquid, the foam is one kind of new-typly washing liquid.
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