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Stratum in a sentence

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Synonym: layerlevelSimilar words: erratumstrategyprostratefrustratestrategicillustratemagistrateorchestrateMeaning: ['strætəm ,'streɪ- /'strɑːt-]  n. 1. one of several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another (such as a layer of tissue or cells in an organism or a layer of sedimentary rock) 2. an abstract place usually conceived as having depth. 
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1. It was an enormous task that affected every stratum of society.
2. An aquifer is a water - bearing rock stratum such as sandstone and chalk.
3. Such inequalities are found in every stratum.
4. The report shows that drugs have penetrated every stratum of American society.
5. Pierry derives its name from a stratum of flint in the subsoil which reputedly gives its wine a marked flinty taste.
6. It is from this stratum, extending under the sea,[] that the amber found on the shore gets eroded.
7. The participant culture is an additional stratum that may be added to and combined with the subject and parochial cultures.
8. Where there is such a controlling stratum it must become socially and politically dominant and therefore a ruling class.
9. The position of the dominant stratum, the feudal nobility, was based on large grants of land from the king.
10. From that social stratum come the brains of the Labour Party and its middle-class infrastructure.
11. Urban life depends upon an invisible stratum of people who repair the city's infrastructure while all the rest are abed.
12. As a result only a thin stratum of wealthy native merchants developed.
13. However[], this increasingly self-contained stratum is broader than the bureaucracy.
14. The present account concerns that middle stratum and how its views might relate to wider and more powerful forces of society.
15. However, the clergy formed a third stratum in feudal society.
16. Members of each stratum were not expected to deviate from certain prescribed occupations.
17. Blacks are now moving out of the lowest stratum in ever increasing numbers.
18. They do not constitute a separate class or stratum.
19. How does Chinese society define the class and stratum?
20. Stratum corneum means "horny layer".
21. If the water-tight stratum had already existed, what the groundwater pressure distribution regular in it.
22. Excavated coins can often be dated from other objects in the same stratum.
23. The dissemination of music by radio and gramophone record permeated the whole country and every social stratum.
24. But the commune continued to act as a major obstacle to the emergence of any substantial stratum of better-off peasants.
25. Any female from a noble line, feeble though she is, ranks above anyone from a lower stratum of society.
26. Young argues that this may result in an upper stratum free from self-doubt and the restraining influence of humility.
27. Social mobility Strata subcultures tend to be particularly distinctive when there is little opportunity to move from one stratum to another.
28. Marlstone high up on some north-facing slopes, with an isolated stratum of fine calcareous sand up to fifteen metres thick in places.
29. The appraisal target system hierarchical level divides into three: Target stratum, criterion level and target level.
30. The permeability barrier is located in the outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum.
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