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Frustrate in a sentence

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Synonym: defeatfoilruinspoilthwartAntonym: accomplishencouragefulfillSimilar words: frustrationillustratestrategystrategicdemonstratedemonstrationadministratoradministrationMeaning: ['frʌstreɪt /frʌ'streɪt]  v. 1. hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of 2. treat cruelly. 
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1. Doesn't it frustrate you that audiences in the theatre are so restricted?
2. He tried to frustrate his political opponents by denying them access to the media.
3. They do their best to frustrate my efforts at every turn.
4. But this didn't frustrate Einstein. He was content to go as far as he could.
5. An insensitive allocation policy could only frustrate their efforts.
6. It's attitudes like that which so frustrate doctors.
7. Curling his toes in a vain attempt to frustrate the inhospitable lino, Mungo watched, fascinated.
8. Deliberately frustrate any desires that may be the result of an advertising campaign.
9. But the Bolsheviks were determined to frustrate them and immediately after October a bitter struggle ensued between the workers and the party.
10. It has underlined that Third World nationalism may frustrate zero-sum calculations by the superpowers.
11. This is the place that we frustrate enemy.
12. They made their preparations to frustrate the conspiracy.
13. The prisoner made a frustrate attempt to escape.
14. But Mr McCain might frustrate him again.
15. Both difficulty and failure did not frustrate his passion.
16. Fun things just work; they do not frustrate.
17. We should frustrate the plans of our enemy.
18. WTO rules make it illegal for any WTO member to "frustrate" the intent of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade that is the historic heart of the WTO treaty through "exchange action."
19. Before long, this element proliferation began to frustrate the chemists.
20. I could psych out the captors, and I could put out orders that would frustrate them and keep them off balance.sentence dictionary
21. Electronic bulk mailers have ways to disguise their messages that can frustrate even sophisticated filtering software.
22. Delightful prospect that this is, it is felt that certification problems will frustrate any such plans.
23. For too long, John Major and his government had used these preconditions to frustrate the peace process.
24. They were prepared to ferry the ball from blue shirt to blue shirt and in the process frustrate Nottingham Forest.
25. In 1995 he sailed into the Moruroa test zone and hid on the atoll to frustrate the underground tests.
26. Here we bring together a set of problems that may frustrate stabilization policy: lags, rational expectations, and political pressures.
27. I was, for example and for my own personal satisfaction, trying to frustrate likely Soviet intelligence-gathering in Cheltenham.
28. Shea said the sparse cell where Salvi is housed is designed to frustrate suicide attempts.
29. Such a State should act in good faith so as not to frustrate the objects of the treaty.
30. If the foreigner's situation is bad, the tenant's goal maybe frustrate after leasing the factory building for it's seized, even under sale by auction.
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