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Smattering in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: handfulSimilar words: flatteringscatteringmutteringmatterno mattera matter ofas a matter of factalteringMeaning: ['smætərɪŋ]  n. 1. a small number or amount 2. a slight or superficial understanding of a subject. 
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1. I had acquired a smattering of Greek.
2. He only has a smattering of French.
3. There's only a smattering of people who oppose the proposal.
4. The college had a smattering of white students and a top heavy frosting of white administrators.
5. One sees a smattering of them here and there on the otherwise white linen that is set before us.
6. Yet there are still a smattering of pop ironists trickling sporadically, lip-first into the fray.
7. There is, however, a smattering of clean-cut dentists, engineers and teachers thrown in.
8. There was a smattering of light applause and a barely audible groan from the back.
9. He has a smattering of knowledge about physics.
10. David has only a smattering of astronomy.
11. I only have a smattering of English.
12. He has a smattering of French.
13. I've only got a smattering of experience with computers.
14. It is dangerous that you have a smattering of superficial knowledge on a subject.
15. People with a smattering of physics may bring up " quantum mechanical vacuum fluctuations "
16. But along with a smattering of more distant background galaxies[], the deep image also reveals a curious box-shaped inner halo extending far above and below this galaxy's dusty plane.
17. Investors appeared to take heart from a smattering of news from banks and the government.
18. The room was strewn with various possessions smattering of rubbish.
19. On his wanderings he's picked up Spanish, Italian, French and a smattering of Russian.
20. Mike Tomkies responds to the golden eagle with a smattering of science, a touch of religion and quantities of romance.
21. There were about twenty of us, all told; mostly McHoans but with a smattering of civilians.
22. Nielsen now manages several 100 apartments and townhouses, most in Manhattan, with a smattering in Brooklyn.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. A tactful environmental lobby, a sympathetic farmer and a smattering of goodwill on both sides may continue to produce encouraging results.
24. Quills is actually pretty tame on that front, with only a few naked bodies and a smattering of blood.
25. We had a Field Guide to Birds, a legendary jazz pianist and a smattering of city streets in honor of our namesake.
26. But all who read, and most do read, endeavor to obtain smattering in that science.
27. Sunset beach: Megan rests her head on Brian's shoulder a smattering of gardenias providing decoration.
28. The doctor spoke some pidgin Vietnamese, and the nurse a smattering of highschool French.
29. Despite the green hues in this image, these rocky islands are too cold to sustain more than a smattering of low-growing vegetation.
30. War to the Communists not being primarily a military affair, their frontline regiments were often leavened with a large smattering of nonmilitary personnel.
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