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Shapeless in a sentence

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Sentence count:54+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-28Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: shapelySimilar words: hopelesstake shapein the shape ofhaplessuselesscarelessnonethelessbaselessMeaning: ['ʃeɪplɪs]  adj. 1. having no definite form or distinct shape 2. lacking symmetry or attractive form. 
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1) She wore a shapeless knitted garment.
2) Wind and rain have eroded the statues into shapeless lumps of stone.
3) She looked a frump in her shapeless skirt and flat shoes.
4) His ideas are interesting, but they're rather shapeless.
5) The book is rather shapeless.
6) Aunt Mary wore shapeless black dresses.
7) The hat had become limp and shapeless.
8) My clay pot ended up as just a shapeless lump.
9) The black reticule sagged under the weight of shapeless objects.
10) A bearded,[] shapeless man in brown and purple woollens.
11) The prisoners wear shapeless orange uniforms.
12) Helen's hat was limp and shapeless from the rain.
13) Apt observations dissolved into a shapeless welter.
14) That includes shapeless leather brogans, and replicas of Springfield rifles and other firearms of the day.
15) A brief mood of shapeless hysteria took hold of the claustrophobic young community, which ended abruptly with a short holiday.
16) He wore a shapeless gray cap, coarse work clothes, and heavy clodhopper shoes.
17) He looked dirty and was wearing an ugly, shapeless suit.
18) He was wearing a shapeless grey coat which really did not fit him.
19) He wore a shapeless gray cap and arrived in a sputtering old Model knocked at the door asking if Walton was there.
20) Soon, she thought, he would take to wearing shapeless brown coats,[] and drinking beer for breakfast instead of coffee.
21) It is tough to reform something that is shapeless and indifferent to improvement, like Jell-O in the hands of a carpenter.
22) When I washed the jumper , it just turned into a shapeless mass.
23) He wore riding boots and a monocle and his face was made shapeless by duelling scars.
24) He had dispensed with his winter tweeds in favour of a seersucker suit that was, if anything, even more shapeless.
25) She was dressed poorly in a tattered knit sweater and a shapeless skirt.
26) At last, but how no one ever tried to explain, two children were born to this shapeless nothingness.
27) He was at the bar, audaciously flirting with the shapeless young waitress in the even more shapeless sweater.
28) She halted half way across the carpet, and was aware of his sharp glance going over her bespectacled face and shapeless suit.
29) She will be reduced to wearing baggy jumpers and those shapeless monsters, maternity dresses, for the next nine months.
30) With appropriate colouring, normal observers see such displays as green shapes against a shapeless red background.
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