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Set apart in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: assignisolatekeep apartsequestersequestratespecifySimilar words: apartmentapart fromtake apartmetaphorset aboutset asidepartpartyMeaning: v. 1. select something or someone for a specific purpose 2. set apart from others set-apart. adj. being or feeling set or kept apart from others. 
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1. Two rooms were set apart for use as libraries.
2. I have set apart a little money for our holidays.
3. Traditionally these days were set apart for prayer and fasting.
4. Traditionally, these days were set apart for special prayer and fasting.
5. One road is set apart for the testing of the heating apparatus, etc., on vehicles.
6. Political leaders, where they can be set apart from the party, may help to shape a party's image.
7. They are used in combination to set apart two main groups, the detrital and the chemical.
8. Light is set apart From the reality we both restored To one another.
9. She had been shewn into a side chapel set apart for visitors.
10. This balance was what set apart the New Testament view from its Greco-Roman surroundings.
11. Set apart from the rest of the town,( the palaces were grouped near that of the Shogun.
12. Abraham set apart seven ewe lambs from the flock.
13. This room is set apart for reading.
14. This room is set apart for smoking.
15. You must set apart some money for the future.
16. This example uses the Q element to set apart a quotation in text.
17. Set apart for the LORD your God every firstborn male of your herds and flocks.
18. Saturday set apart once a year for taking up collections in aid of hospitals.
19. Utterly abhor and detest it,[Sentencedict] for it is set apart for destruction.
20. He was in a room specially set apart for him.
21. Administratively and financially, cancer was now set apart from other dread diseases; it was institutionally special, with a special political base and a special scientific and clinical agenda.
22. Eyes are medium size, set apart, almond shaped and dark brown to light amber in color.
23. I set apart my overcoat and took out my summer clothes.
24. Yet the unvarnished wood panelling indicated it had to be another pew, this one set apart from the rest.
25. Three or four blackboards, two of them broken, made them seem a little bit set apart.
26. Omissions cases falling within manslaughter by recklessness or gross negligence have also been set apart from cases of positive acts.
27. There were no official mediators, licensed by an ecclesiastical hierarchy or set apart by apostolic ordination.
28. Finally, only one outward symbol remained to remind him that he had been set apart for a special work of deliverance for his people----his unshorn hair.
29. God sanctified the seventh day to be a special and holy day, set apart from the other six.
30. The first decade of this new century has been a period ofconsequence - a time set apart.
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