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Coolant in a sentence

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Sentence count:120Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: coolcool offpolandplantsupplantjubilantatlanticvigilantMeaning: ['kuːlənt]  n. a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling; especially one used to cool a system by transferring heat away from one part to another. 
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1. Coolant circulating through the reactor thermal energy and carries it away to where it can he safely used.
2. The coolant could then be circulated back into the command module.
3. This coolant can be bought without a license for as little as $ 3 a pound.
4. The recycled coolant comes from large industrial chillers or from people who had stockpiles of used Freon sitting around.
5. All the coolant hit the engine block in a tumult of steam.
6. Tritium is radioactive water used as a coolant in submarines' reactors.
7. Disconnect wiring connector at engine coolant temperature sensor.
8. Flushing good cooling system,[] fill in the coolant tank.
9. Remove the upper radiator hose and coolant recovery hose.
10. The atomic reactor used a gas coolant.
11. They turned on two additional main coolant pumps.
12. Shall the coolant flow more balanced ?
13. It is advisable to apply a coolant.
14. Coolant system leakage, secondary failure.
15. Remove the upper radiator hose and coolant tank hose.
16. Coolant mist almost always fouls the plant air and equipment.
17. Direction of connection for RMB and RMF coolant is different.
18. The instruments were shattered, but the controls and engine were functioning except the latter was spewing coolant vapour.
19. Their cars can undergo a potentially expensive conversion to the R-134a coolant that is being used in new cars.
20. I wondered if I should take the cap off the radiator and pour in some more coolant.
21. Milcey came with a new radiator hose and jugs of coolant.
22. Condenser coils are the tubes under or behind the refrigerator that carry coolant to the refrigeration unit.
23. Fora tank with a cooling jacket or coils , liquid vaporization as a result of the loss of coolant flow must be considered.
24. But the tsunami wiped out power to the plant, which took down the main coolant system, and a wave destroyed the diesel-based backup system.
25. The two-year manufacture practice has confirmed the validity and feasibility of developed loxodrome coolant channel milling method.
26. In this article, the main influencing factors on condensation heat transfer include air flow rate, coolant flow rate, coolant inlet temperature and mixed gas velocity.
27. The cleaner-passivator reduces the contaminants circulating in the fuel cell coolant system that contribute to increasing conductivity in the fuel cell coolant.
28. The inertness of Fluorinert liquid permits its use as a direct contact single and two-phase coolant in certain supercomputers and sensitive military electronics.
29. The inertness of Fluorinert liquid FC-770 permits its use as a direct contact single and two-phase coolant in certain supercomputers and sensitive military electronics.
30. Heavy water (D2O) is the most feasible moderator and coolant in nuclear-fission reactors while deuterium (D) will be the nuclear fuel for thermonuclear fusion in the distant future.
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