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Sanctimonious in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-01-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: holier-than-thoupharisaicpharisaicalpietisticpietisticalself-righteousSimilar words: harmonioussanctionpunctilioustestimonytimorousonionacrimonymatrimonyMeaning: [‚sæŋktɪ'məʊnɪəs]  adj. excessively or hypocritically pious. 
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1. I wish she'd stop being so sanctimonious.
2. He writes smug, sanctimonious waffle.
3. In the arbitration, the state was repulsively sanctimonious.
4. He writes smug,[sentencedict .com] sanctimonious rubbish.
5. That was a false and sanctimonious puritanism, such as had dogged the Inquisitor's own youth.
6. I wonder what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first for the first time in his life?
7. Don't be so sanctimonious Helen! I'll live my life the way I want to live it.
8. Many sanctimonious speeches were made about the need for honesty in government.
9. Moodie looked sanctimonious whilst Scawsby could hardly hide his crows of triumph.
10. Nowadays he is a sanctimonious old man seemingly unaware of his own involvement in the problems of his family.
11. It's that sanctimonious air that people can't stand.
12. This doctor is a dissembler , apparently be sanctimonious, actual begin is cruel - hearted poison.
13. You do not have to be so sanctimonious to prove that you are devout.
14. You sanctimonious little hypocrite!
15. I was about to say, Harry, that I was accused by some friends last night of being sanctimonious.
16. She is also a splendid contrast to the noble-minded and sanctimonious Mrs. Jervis.
17. The Principal reacted to the school party with an air of sanctimonious disapproval.
18. But the first lady of this portrait can also be a scold, stand-offish and sanctimonious.
19. There was considerable pressure for actions against them from a sanctimonious middle class, some of whose members held extraordinary delusions.
20. Sexology home may be least of all a kind of the most adjacent and be sanctimonious, honest person, li Yinhe says, get one of honest idea, be thoroughly, ask oneself and good-tempered others honestly.
21. The most horrible thing is to quit and deserted , culminating in a seemingly sanctimonious pseudo - scholars.
22. If we were the bosses, we'd consider finding a replacement for this uptight , petty , sanctimonious clerk.
23. His frog - like face grew calmer, and even took on a slightly sanctimonious expression.
24. But they do require the US to be more pragmatic and less sanctimonious.
25. FOR Sri Lanka's government and many of its citizens, reactions in the West to the final phase of its 26-year war with the Tamil Tigers have reeked of sanctimonious hypocrisy.
26. But Thomas Jefferson is the founder who sticks in the craw of the sanctimonious American right.
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