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Brush in a sentence

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Sentence count:295+26 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-19Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: cleanremoverubwipeSimilar words: crushrush outbrutalbushpushvirusmushroomRussianMeaning: [brʌʃ]  n. 1. a dense growth of bushes 2. an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle 3. momentary contact 4. conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor 5. a minor short-term fight 6. the act of brushing your teeth 7. the act of brushing your hair 8. contact with something dangerous or undesirable. v. 1. rub with a brush, or as if with a brush 2. touch lightly and briefly 3. clean with a brush 4. sweep across or over 5. remove with or as if with a brush 6. cover by brushing. 
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1. True coral needs no painter's brush
2. The fox is known by his brush
3. I would like to brush up my zoology.
4. Brush the aubergines with oil, add salt and pepper, and bake till soft. Meanwhile(, heat the remaining oil in a heavy pan.
5. She caught his likeness with a few bold brush strokes.
6. Apply the paint with a fine brush.
7. The children brush their teeth after every meal.
8. I'll just give my hair a quick brush .
9. Come and help me to brush the horses down.
10. The motorcyclist had a brush with danger as he skidded round the bend.
11. He dipped the brush into the thick white paint.
12. Perhaps you shouldn't brush the idea aside too hastily.
13. Polish your shoes with a brush.
14. I had hoped to brush up my Spanish.
15. This is not my writing brush.
16. Brush the glaze over the top and sides of the hot cake.
17. Brush/Clean your teeth thoroughly morning and night.
18. Apply polish with a soft brush.
19. Make sure you brush your teeth.
20. She had a brush with her neighbour.
21. Can this brush go for a paintbrush?
22. I can't find my brush, but I still have my comb.
23. Don't brush my hair up the wrong way; it hurts.
24. She stood up to brush the crumbs off her uniform.
25. He dipped the brush into the paint bucket.
26. What you need to do is just to give your suit a quick brush.
27. He knocked a glass off the table with a brush of his coat/arm.
28. He finished off the painting with a few deft strokes of the brush.
29. He'd let me down more than once so the next time he asked me for a favour I gave him the brush off.
30. Scrub the wood thoroughly with water and a stiff brush.
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