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Ritualistic in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2016-12-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: realisticritualmutualismjournalistspecialistfederalistnaturalistminimalistMeaning: ['rɪtʃʊə'lɪstɪk]  adj. of or characterized by or adhering to ritualism. 
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1, an advocate of strict observance of ritualistic forms.
2, It seems needlessly ritualistic to me.
3, In most lives, such highly ritualistic utterances as declarations are rare and very dramatic.
4, There was talk of a quarry, ritualistic music, dance and dress.
5, The ritualistic quality of the formal training programs was not lost on the neW managers.
6, This was the ritualistic time for the slaying of a leader, as Julius Caesar found out to his peril.
7, We were part of a ritualistic column of swaying white.
8, That is the unuttered matter that underlies the ritualistic argument over arms sales.
9, There is a ritualistic quality to some of these disputes, especially Taiwan and Tibet.
10, Objects connected with the saint have assumed an almost ritualistic significance.
11, The other victim was the main suspect in the ritualistic murders.
12, One of the functions of that difficult process is to provide a ritualistic framework within which people can function.
13, Most of them seem to get a power trip from their ritualistic behaviour.
14, One by one, with grave solemnity, the four of the deputation accepted cigars and lit up in ritualistic fashion.
15, Struan, because of its direct descent from a traditional ritualistic practice(, still retains a trace of sacramental efficacy.
16, They picture women gathered together to dance or perform some apparently ritualistic act of worship.
17, There was some reversion to polytheism and the religion became more magical and ritualistic than ethical.
18, Granny made it imperative, however, that I attend certain all - night ritualistic prayer meetings.
19, A - M - F's works are beyond just music and probably considered art of ritualistic noise.
20, They dragged up a young boy's body who was the victim of a ritualistic killing.
21, Each evening she bursts into her apartment with a ritualistic shout of "Honey I'm home!"
22, This is because it has its basis in the Spirit of God,( who cannot be encased in a sacramental box or a ritualistic formula.
23, She thinks that the removal of the victim's feet was ritualistic.
24, It has to do with that Greek Bacchic , whole Pagan ritualistic thing, " said Royce Chen '01, a former SOB."
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