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Flunk in a sentence

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Synonym: bombfailfailingflush itSimilar words: lunglunarlunchchunkskunktrunkplungeplunderMeaning: [flʌŋk]  n. failure to reach a minimum required performance. v. fail to get a passing grade. 
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1. He didn't flunk out, but his record isn't so hot.
2. If he is no good, flunk him.
3. You either pass and get your degree or flunk out.
4. He thought he was going to flunk chemistry, but he got a D.
5. Punitive and retroactive, our decision is to flunk the student, not the school.
6. If the politicians flunk change this time, the issue of electoral reform will return to haunt them.
7. It was, of course, extremely humiliating to flunk out of law school.
8. It was extremely humiliating to flunk out of law school like that.
9. Bill: Why , did you flunk the math test?
10. If flunk out I can always transfer to Engineering.
11. If you don't study hard, you'll flunk out.
12. If you don't keep on studying you'll flunk out.
13. You mean the ones who flunk out of auditions.
14. You're going to flunk if you don't study.
15. Of course there are some flunk this life too commonplace to be worthwhile.
16. But just like high school, many students flunk out of college because of their poor grades.
17. Of course there are some who flunk this life too commonplace to be worthwhile.
18. So don't flunk out; you've got too much invested in us, and we have too much invested in you.
19. I will flunk him if my student doesn't learn the material in the course.
20. I appreciated the warning, but, honestly, I'd rather flunk the class than go through that again.
21. Because of the laziness, the boy was flunk in the exam.
22. They didn't flunk out, but their records weren't so hot.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. Too many student nurses flunk out of the course because their math is weak.
24. The first two years they basically just try to flunk everybody out.
25. Progressives have the chance to reshape global institutions; they should not flunk it.
26. Chris: Thank you. Aiyo! My English is terrible. I am going to flunk this test!
27. Both steps would require huge courage by the two leaders; both may well flunk.
28. If you just loaf around in college, you will flunk out .
29. If you do not get on the ball and start studying harder, you're going to flunk.
30. In one class of seventy-seven, I gave only one A, and only once did I flunk a student.
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