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Characteristic in a sentence

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Synonym: device characteristicfeatureSimilar words: characterizebacteriapracticecharterdistractpracticalin practicepracticallyMeaning: [‚kærəktə'rɪstɪk]  n. 1. a prominent aspect of something 2. a distinguishing quality 3. the integer part (positive or negative) of the representation of a logarithm; in the expression log 643 = 2.808 the characteristic is 2 4. any measurable property of a device measured under closely specified conditions. adj. typical or distinctive. 
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1. To say little and perform much is the characteristic of great minds. 
2. Bananas have their own characteristic smell.
3. Change, impermanence is characteristic of life.
4. He spoke with characteristic enthusiasm.
5. The whole herb has a characteristic taste and odour.
6. It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.
7. Windmills are a characteristic feature of the Mallorcan landscape.
8. She spoke with characteristic modesty.
9. He accepted the award with characteristic modesty.
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10. She behaved with characteristic dignity.
11. The North/South divide is characteristic of Britain.
12. Her predominant characteristic is honesty.
13. Neon emits a characteristic red glow.
14. This characteristic marks her off from her sister.
15. Violent images are a defining characteristic of his work.
16. Stubbornness was a characteristic he shared with his mother.
17. With characteristic impetuosity, he announced he was leaving school.
18. Unfortunately a big nose is a family characteristic.
19. With characteristic rashness and valor, Peter plunged into the icy water.
20. Modernism was the characteristic expression of the experience of modernity.
21. A characteristic of the feminine psyche is to seek approval from others.
22. A characteristic of the camel is its ability to live for a long time without water.
23. Sentimentality seems a characteristic of all the writers of that period.
24. Religious symbolism is very characteristic of the paintings of this period.
25. Hostility towards outsiders is characteristic of both human and non-human animals.
26. characteristic of a patriarchy.
27. With the hospitality so characteristic of these people, they opened their house to over fifty guests.
28. The main characteristic of the strike has been its longevity.
29. Rosalind conducted the meeting with characteristic aplomb/with her usual aplomb.
30. 'We have not done quite well enough,' Macmillan said, with characteristic understatement.
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