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Altruistic in a sentence

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Sentence count:52+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-30Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: egoisticSimilar words: distinguishartisticrealisticoptimisticstatisticsstatisticalsophisticatedcharacteristicMeaning: [‚æltrʊ'ɪstɪk]  adj. showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others. 
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1. Were his motives entirely altruistic?
2. in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.
3. But what constabulary safeguards do those altruistic groups maintain?
4. You can't expect a large corporation to be altruistic.
5. The political concern is not altruistic.
6. These are not purely altruistic ventures.
7. Their motives were partly altruistic and partly economic.
8. Second, an animal might direct altruistic acts towards genetic relatives of those with which it was raised.
9. Because altruistic love was germane to both, he could argue for a perfect union.
10. A sense of altruistic concern that has us reaching for our cheque books?
11. Unlike blood or bone marrow donation, altruistic acts by strangers are illegal under the Human Organ Transplants Act 1989.
12. But I wasn't just being altruistic.
13. Altruistic spirIt'should studied by us vigorously.
14. Altruistic spirit should be cultivated by us vigorously.
15. It is superficial to be altruistic without feeling compassion.
16. None of that is quite as altruistic as It'sounds.
17. There are several explanations, not all of them altruistic.
18. It fosters patience and responsibility tied to altruistic motivations.
19. An individual performing GetWord ( altruistic ) ; acts gain nothing for himself.
20. The avianize of altruistic behavior depends on their high cost and low income.
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. The strength of altruism lies in the fact that altruistic acts undeniably occur in any society and that moral codes universally advocate altruism or benevolence and condemn selfishness.
22. I doubt whether her motives for donating the money are altruistic - she's probably looking for publicity.
23. Some, like dreams of providing a great service, are altruistic.
24. Unlike so many brilliant teachers I thought that Basil was completely altruistic - this was born out of his great generosity.
25. He has to give up his egocentricity and develop the beginnings of a more altruistic point of view.
26. Companies that donate books or equipment to schools that collect their tokens are not being entirely altruistic - after all, you have to buy the products to get the tokens.
27. The origins and development of the duty solicitor scheme can not, then, be explained solely in terms of an altruistic model.
28. Given that annuity markets are imperfect, people may leave substantial estates even though they have no altruistic feelings towards their heirs.
29. Superficially it may seem reasonable to prefer a firmly-held end to a faint altruistic stirring which is easily dismissed.
30. The hoggish sex of individual action in market economy and altruistic sex should be harmonious and unified.
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