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Subzero in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-01-05Updated:2020-07-24
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1. The film tells the true story of a group who survived in the Andes in sub-zero temperatures.
2. Part of the M1 was closed for the second time in three days following a multiple pile-up in sub-zero temperatures.
3. Subzero temperatures in December and January can turn the ice as brittle as bone china.
4. Prisoners, unable to exercise outside in sub-zero temperatures, had been allowed longer in the recreation rooms.
5. During previews, in sub-zero temperatures, the audiences were thin and seemed a little confused.
6. MontBell markets specialized outdoor clothing, often designed for subzero weather or other extreme conditions.
7. Until now the hard discipline to follow through has rousted me outdoors on sub-zero days even before daylight.
7. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
8. The 37-year-old took an overdose of painkillers and lay in sub-zero conditions with just a sleeping bag.
9. Even in summer the temperature is subzero here.
10. Some of these projects will take you to subzero temperatures, and others will transport you miles above the Earth.
11. Show me one person who enjoys a subzero day in February, and I'll show you a person who says each spring, "Forget the eggs Benedict. I'm going sailing."
12. When subzero temperatures start freezing the grapes, most of the water turns solid, leaving the sweet, fructose-laden and flavourful centre concentrated with aromas .
13. Making his rounds on a subzero day, Dorjsuren, at right, sells firewood and coal in the ger districts east of downtown but returns to the steppe near Altanbulag every summer to tend his livestock.
14. This past week has been spent in subzero temperatures in two wonderful cities: Beijing and Shanghai.
15. Subzero temperatures throughout much of Europe is increasing demand for gas, and several governments have issued calls for conservation.
16. The weather seemed almost balmy after the unrelieved subzero temperatures of the plateau.
17. The effects of macromolecular dispersant and subzero treatment on the preparation of ultrafine non agglomerative zirconia powders have been studied.
18. Shooting in subzero temperatures can pose difficulties on your body as well as your emotional state.
19. It is important for developing new textiles to study the moisture transmission through fabric, even multi layer fabrics under subzero climate(, which will guide a right way to dress.
20. Reported processes in this field in China patented technology include subzero process, quasi-low-temperature process, usual temperature process and explosion method.
21. The full moon is seen in Duisburg past due traffic lights during clear and cold weather. Weather forecasters predict subzero temperatures for the end of the week in Germany.
22. If you had crashed in an ocean, a high temperature zone, or a subzero environment, your chances of survival would be reduced to zero.
23. But, as the Marines were also learning, they were worse than no good in subzero temperatures.
24. The lack of a common European policy on energy in the face of subzero temperatures and a Russian shut-off is creating a clamor among smaller EU states that feel literally left out in the cold.
25. One of the two mammoth museums. It is located in the ice-house – a cave hollowed out in the permafrost. Even in summer the temperature is subzero here.
26. A recent report from the North described the longest stretch of subzero temperatures since 1945.
27. It was a crackerjack legal circus, with spectators getting in line at four in the morning, despite the subzero temperatures, to assure themselves of a seat.
28. In some parts of United States and Russia, the winter season brings subzero temperatures.
29. As most of you have already known, the Classified is mostly engineered to meet the enthusiast's need for more headroom for subzero extreme overclocking.
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