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Indistinct in a sentence

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Synonym: cloudyconfuseddimhazyobscureunclearvagueAntonym: distinctSimilar words: distinctdistinctivedistinctiondistinguishdistinguishedinstinctindicatingindisputablyMeaning: [‚ɪndɪ'stɪŋkt]  adj. not clearly defined or easy to perceive or understand. 
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1. The lettering is fuzzy and indistinct.
2. She muttered something indistinct.
3. His indistinct speech makes it impossible to understand him.
4. His indistinct speech made it impossible to understand him.
5. I have only an indistinct memory of my grandfather.
6. My memory of what happened next is indistinct.
7. His memory of the incident was somewhat indistinct.
8. Her words were inward and indistinct when she was in a state of half unconsciousness.
9. She murmurs, but her words are indistinct.
10. He spoke in a raspy, indistinct voice.
11. The parish boundaries were often indistinct until after the Norman conquest, but there may have been 150 of these by 1066.
12. In winter head mottled with white, eye-stripe indistinct and upperparts sparingly marked white.
12. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
13. It may also be noted that indistinct analysis of needs will contribute to problems associated with evaluation.
14. It has been three weeks since the indistinct videotape image hit television screens with the impact of, well, a whip.
15. They were indistinct at first, like the hum of conversation at a drinks party.
16. The sounds were too indistinct for him to hear the words, but the tone was clear enough.
17. Hrun himself was already an indistinct shape amid the tightening coils.
18. I have only an indistinct memory of my father.
19. Perhaps in time, if washed by tears, they will become indistinct and a few will disappear altogether.
20. The light through the blind was going, and his features were indistinct, his eyes lost in their deep sockets.
21. When he spoke to give his name, address and date of birth his speech was slurred and indistinct.
22. In addition, the film quality in Mastering the Mountain is poor in parts with indistinct contrasts.
23. Even with the magnification of a monocular, I can barely make out indistinct humps gliding through the darkening water.
24. Even with the binoculars, I could barely make out the indistinct shapes gliding through the water.
25. He knew it had featured Resenence Jeopardy, but the details were indistinct.
26. In answer to a prosecution question, he stated that he did hear indistinct gunfire, but had thought no more of it.
27. These workshops are particularly valuable on a historical site that may be indistinct, puzzling and confusing, or extremely complicated.
28. And who will pay the price for all these indistinct boundaries?
29. All the police have to go on is a grainy, indistinct video clip.
30. On each door is a bronze plaque, etched with an indistinct mask-like face.
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