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Rate in a sentence

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Synonym: appraisecategorizeclassifyestimateevaluategradegroupmeasurepositionrankvalueSimilar words: operatecooperateat any ratedesperategeneratetolerateaccuratemoderateMeaning: [reɪt]  n. 1. amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis 2. a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit 3. the relative speed of progress or change 4. a quantity or amount or measure considered as a proportion of another quantity or amount or measure. v. 1. assign a rank or rating to 2. be worthy of or have a certain rating 3. estimate the value of. 
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151. She had, at any rate, provided a peaceful and loving home for Harriet.
152. She grinds out romantic novels at the rate of five a year.
153. Iceland is getting wider at a rate of about 0.5 cm per year.
154. Asylum seekers were entering Britain at a rate of 1,600 per day.
155. The UK has the highest birth rate among 15 to 19-year-olds in Western Europe.
156. This country has a higher crime rate per 100 000 of the population than most other European countries.
157. Food prices are no longer inflating at the same rate as last year.
158. The death rate for pedestrians hit by cars is unacceptably high.
159. It's flattering to know that other clubs have shown interest and seem to rate me.
160. Do you pay your mortgage on a fixed or variable rate?
161. The change in the exchange rate provided a timely boost to the company's falling profits.
162. Inflation is now at a rate comparable with that in other European countries.
163. The Post Office has a special rate for printed paper.
164. Her new book shows her to be a first - rate novelist.
165. It isn't just lack of moral fibre which leads to a rising divorce rate.
166. I want to change my dollars into pesetas what is the exchange rate?
167. Their basic criticism was that prisons do not reduce the crime rate[], they cause recidivism.
168. The city's most shocking statistic is its high infant mortality rate.
169. It isn't just a lack of moral fibre that leads to a rising divorce rate.
170. We'll never get finished at this rate. We'd better bash on.
171. If you phone during the day you pay the peak rate for calls.
172. Your mortgage interest payments are two percent below the base rate.
173. Some analysts predicted that the exchange rate would soon be $2 to the pound.
174. The union claimed a pay rise worth four times the rate of inflation.
175. The detection rate for motor vehicle theft that year was just 11.7 per cent.
176. Books roll off the printing machine at the rate of two a week.
177. She argued that the only way to combat inflation effectively was to keep interest rate high.
178. US unemployment figures for March showed the jobless rate stuck at 7 per cent.
More similar words: operatecooperateat any ratedesperategeneratetolerateaccuratemoderatestrategydecoratestrategicintegrateelaboratecorporatefrustrateincorporateaccuratelyillustrateintegrateddesperatelyaccelerateinveterateconcentratedemonstratedeliberatelycooperate withcarbohydrateratratioor rather
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