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Prescript in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-08-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ruleSimilar words: prescriptiveprescriptionprescriptivismnonprescriptionprescription drugnondescriptdescriptiondescriptiveMeaning: ['prɪːskrɪpt]  n. prescribed guide for conduct or action. 
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1. In order to make the prescript of this accusal more strict, we should make necessary modifications of it.
2. Although the prescript of Intent crime doesn't have a large proportion in criminal laws of each country in the world, it still can be considered an important type of crime in Criminal Law.
3. The prescript of company dissolution system in our Company Law is shallow, so that had many problems in practice, the research of theoretics had not further development.
4. Our criminal law prescript the subjective aspect of joint crime is joint criminal intention only, but research on this topic is superf.
5. Proceed from the prescript of practical reason, it demand that this reason should realize itself.
6. Finally, the best prescript of nano epoxy bond coating is recommended. The basic data are recommended for the aim of usage in bonding field.
6. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
7. However, the legal prescript about the victim participating in the hearing does not be carried out in the judicial practice, for interrelated lawmaking is not perfect and all-around.
8. The prescript of the affiliated obligation is simple, we should nail down the forms of it, improve the legal efficacy of it, and nail down the duty form and the principle of disobeying it.
9. Practice has witnessed that the prescript on deductions from income from wages and salaries is not reasonable in that the scope of expense deductible is too narrow.
10. But presently we have no concrete prescript in the field. This thesis is trying to solve this problem.
11. Our criminal law prescript the subjective aspect of joint crime is joint criminal intention only, but research on this topic is superficial.
12. It takes effect when man obeys the prescript without being disturbed by his perceptual knowledge.
13. An arms ban is a prescript imposed by one or more States to forbid arms sales from its internal to other countries. It is an idiographic embodiment of arms embargo.
14. In the present criminal law , the prescript about the subject of functional occupation crime is not explicit enough to practice .
15. There is only a little recite on testament execution in Inherit Law, but has not essential prescript about it.
16. The multi-offsets of factors' change are chosen according to prescript probability distribution, so combination explosion could not happen.
17. It is an illegal administrative act, and it should include the omission in all stages of administrative license, such as prescript, examination and approval, supervision and so on.
18. Druids were as essentially non - Roman : a prescript of Augustus forbade Roman citizens to practise druidical rites.
19. METH0DS: Apply the coacervation mechanism of limulus reagent and bacteria endotoxin to judge it endotoxic limes in specimen was corresponding to the prescript.
20. In order to ensure the oil temperature within the prescript range and a correct and reliable test result, a temperature autocontrol system was developed.
21. It completely shows the organic combinations of direction and independence, foundation and research, prescript and opening, division and synthesis, unification and variety, theory and practice.
22. Chemist: Sorry, sir. I tin no delude it , chaussure puma, you must premier get a doctor's certificate or prescript.
23. However, they have paid little attention to the negative impact of prescript of objection upon implied admission.
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