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Scriptural in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-06-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: scripturescriptconscriptpostscriptplayscriptnondescriptmanuscripttranscriptMeaning: ['skrɪptʃərəl]  adj. 1. of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible 2. written or relating to writing. 
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1 A return to scriptural authority is the only answer.
2 Rather, what she was saying with her cryptic scriptural reference was that I might not be asking the right question.
3 The number of scriptural references applicable to bereavement seemed legion - and Kenneth seemed to be acquainted with each and every one.
4 There is no scriptural basis for this, however, and ladybirds are not mentioned in the Bible.
5 They may say, for example, that a certain scriptural account of creation is a metaphor.
6 There may be Scriptural evidence for why the ruins have not been found.
7 On the basis of these and other scriptural readings,[] Zwingli charged in sermons that church teachings and practice had diverged widely from the simple Christianity of the Holy Writ.
8 And while she closed with a happy Scriptural flourish , he " hooked " a doughnut.
9 The Scriptural Lord's Supper had been supplanted by the idolatrous sacrifice of the mass.
10 Hence , following Scriptural counsel can help you to be successful in training your children.
11 There is also an older copy book of poems by Anne Blencowe, almost entirely on scriptural themes.
12 Protestantism concerned itself with the inscription of dogma, attention to the text, was more emphatically scriptural.
13 Closely associated with the proclamation and preaching of the Word was scriptural hymnody, in the form of metrical psalms.
14 What we are not entitled to do is to assume that our own mythological conceptions of him are scriptural.
15 At the same time, however, the bastion of traditional scriptural authority was also being challenged from other quarters.
16 We are clearly never obliged to follow any human direction contrary to what we know to be scriptural or morally right.
17 The question mark at the end requires a response, helping the offended party to fulfil their scriptural obligation to forgive.
18 However, the understanding of significance within the individual believer must be based on a scriptural footing, rather than the visible indicators.
19 We would offer a slide or video presentation followed by discussion and scriptural reflection.
20 Sometimes ingenious Bible expositors have led whole generations of clergy down obscure backwaters of scriptural exegesis.
21 This text is an embarrassment to the more conservative scriptural scholars.
22 LTS gets all her material supplies such as Bibles, Scriptural booklets, and blank DVDs mainly from the three Chinese churches mentioned above and Clear Lake Chinese Church.
23 Zwingli agreed that God has the power to make a body be in different places at the same time, but he saw no Scriptural proof to indicate that this happens in the Lord's Supper.
24 A reading desk with a slanted top holding the books from which scriptural passages are read during a church service.
25 Jehovah hate it when people get divorced with - out scriptural grounds and marry someone else.
26 Having elaborated on the names and designations of the Spirit's work in the Scriptures, Athanasius now focuses on the scriptural patterns of correlating the Spirit and the Son.
27 On one hand, the fourth-century theologian Augustine responded to the sacking of Rome with a detailed scriptural argument for two cities: the City of Man and the City of God.
28 Even revelation about nature from nature must be understood in a scriptural way.
29 In Tibetan Buddhism there are a large number of scriptural texts that have come down through various spiritual beings who have left them for us to study and supplicate.
30 Now, many years later, Louie has not forgotten the lesson of that scriptural principle.
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