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Scripted in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-08-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: scriptconscriptscripturepostscriptnondescriptplayscriptscripturaltranscriptMeaning: adj. written as for a film or play or broadcast. 
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1. He read from a scripted speech and refused to answer any questions at all at the end of it.
2. The series was scripted to appeal to an international audience.
3. He had prepared scripted answers.
4. The scripted part of his performance was always flawless.
5. Everyone was given a scripted role to play.
6. To be where nothing I did had a scripted meaning.
7. Everything is scripted for you; there is no room to use your mind or exercise discretionary power.
8. So are his mostly scripted comments in public settings and his reliance on veteran staff members for guidance.
9. Many were scripted by himself, and many edited by his valuable collaborator, Stewart MacAllister.
10. The leaders met during a carefully scripted visit to the White House.
11. The playwright scripted the movie.
12. His tone on the air is serious and scripted.
13. Many novels were scripted for TV shows.
14. They can be customized, scripted, or parented to achieve just about any kind of effect imaginable.
15. Custom procedure will not be scripted because'% s'is not a recognized article update command syntax.
16. Replication custom procedures will not be scripted because the specified publication'% s'is a snapshot publication.
17. The framework is customisable and reports can be scripted, providing interactive behaviour for those viewing on-line.
18. The more scripted traditional Tibetan songs and dances provoke stronger reactions.
19. He's a very good actor, but the part was scripted for an older person.
20. Sometimes there would be an extra pause that wasn't scripted, but which he felt was right at the time.
21. If it is your intention to add a fully scripted commentary, you will need to work out the timings.
22. He had an infectious sense of humour, and recently scripted an amusing and satirical pantomime.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. I don't think it'd happen, they didn't employ me as a scripted puppet.
24. Steen continued presenting revues, with an increasing reliance on scripted comedy rather than just dancing girls, until the outbreak of war.
25. When replying to questions, he tries to answer them, rather than simply shooting out scripted sound - bites .
26. the popularity of unscripted programming has had the unexpected effect of ennobling its scripted counterpart.
27. Broadcast networks and premium-cable channels would be hurt most, because they rely most on first-run scripted shows.
28. To provide a code - execution environment that eliminates the performance problems of scripted or interpreted environments.
29. After all, both gender role behavior and erotic behavior are scripted.
30. When you have a conversation with someone that is not scripted, you are creating (the sentences) – you are being creative.
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