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Malodorous in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2016-08-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ill-smellingmalodourousstinkyunpeasant-smellingSimilar words: thoroughthoroughlygenerousnumerousobstreperousexplodego downmoroseMeaning: [mæl'əʊdrəs]  adj. having an unpleasant smell. 
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1. The town is built on a malodorous swamp.
2. It was malodorous, peculiarly rancid, sulphurous.
3. Skunks repel attackers with a malodorous spray.
4. A malodorous checked jacket, stiff with grime, was unbuttoned, the left flap lying open.
5. Aristophanes calls him a stinking exponent of a malodorous trade.
6. Based on the analysis of the malodorous black water bodies' background, the serious organic pollution of rivers and obvious tendency to eutrophication were demonstrated.
7. Trimethylamine is a kind of malodorous compound which possesses the speciality of excessive emission and low threshold concentration.
8. The photolysis of simulating carbon disulfide malodorous gas was studied under UV irradiation emitted by microwave electrodeless lamps.
9. Some people harbor more species of malodorous bacteria than others do, which may be why certain individuals are especially halitosis -prone.
10. It had been caused great attention to malodorous gas for its serious hazard to people.
11. Respondents also nominated their own malodorous offenders that were not part of Renuzit's original suggestions, with the top being spoiled meat, sewers and pet urine.
12. Make sure to toss out any malodorous items that might be causing the bad smell.
13. Malodorous gases require gas phase filtration prior to exhausting from irrigation tanks and pumping stations.
14. Frequently, people throw water in front of their doors, and the dust gives way to mud and malodorous fumes.
15. The three young people stood in a rather hostile and malodorous silence waiting for something to happen.
16. Ninety percent of debtors paid up in 1979 rather than tolerate the presence of the malodorous individual in reception for another five minutes.
17. In the metropolis one would experience much bigger crowds, more atmosphere,( louder roars and at times very malodorous sawdust.
18. Not only was it gaudy in appearance but the smell wafting from the kitchen was distinctly malodorous.
19. The biological purification tank combined of artificial wetland technique and the bio-contact oxidation method was applied for malodorous river water in central urban region of Shanghai City.
20. Presently, most of the ground water in China gradually tend to be malodorous black river due to the deteriorating pollution.
21. This can be avoided by explaining to the messenger that you are saving the feelings of the malodorous underling.
22. Basically, low concentration of alkane background gas has no effect on the removal efficiency of malodorous gas. ?
23. Comparing with chemical method and physical method, biological method is of great competitive edge used for malodorous black river treatment.
24. And don't be embarrassed if it happens to you, he adds. Even professors of dentistry and experts in the field of bad breath sometimes have malodorous mouths.
25. With the enhancement of consciousness of environmental protection, people's demand for environmental quality is becoming more and more higher. People are more sensitive to the malodorous pollution.
26. Any of several herbs or woody vines of the genus Aristolochia having showy, malodorous, purplish -brown to yellowish flowers with peculiar or unusual shapes.
27. Hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are toxic as well as malodorous ; they can damage cells and thus may be a factor in gum disease.
28. Did a power failure cause the food to spoil and become malodorous in your fridge?
29. He is tired, but patiently poses for a portrait, standing in the middle of Weishan river for nearly 30 minutes with a heavy, malodorous load strapped across his forehead.
30. It can be a problem if not drained away : Wastewater will stand in malodorous, stagnant pools that provide breeding places for insects, especially mosquitoes.
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