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Descriptive in a sentence

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Similar words: descriptionnondescriptprescriptioninscriptionconscriptionproscriptiontranscriptioncircumscriptionMeaning: [dɪ'skrɪptɪv]  adj. 1. serving to describe or inform or characterized by description 2. concerned with phenomena (especially language) at a particular period without considering historical antecedents 3. describing the structure of a language. 
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(1) This book is descriptive of a scientific exploration.
(2) He wrote a book descriptive of the frontier provinces.
(3) The book contains sublime descriptive passages.
(4) Each work is prefaced by a descriptive note and concludes with an author's note.
(5) The terms are descriptive of strong emotion.
(6) The report was so descriptive, I felt as if I were there.
(7) The passage is purely descriptive.
(8) Write a descriptive passage about spring.
(9) When you write your paragraph, include as many descriptive details as possible.
(10) Fiona would never jock him off, in racing's descriptive phrase.
(11) It pays most attention to interviews, descriptive accounts, biographies, and autobiographies.
(12) The high oil content lending black oats their descriptive name made them a traditional feed for horses.
(13) This can be broadly broken down for descriptive purposes as a program staff of 11, and a support staff of 4.
(14) Click the mouse on an icon, and a descriptive phrase appears in a box next to the icons.
(15) Invalid Descriptive Beliefr Valid descriptive beliefs are easily and readily identified.
(16) This mapping is by definition descriptive in character and as such unconcerned with the effects of the different organizational types it reveals.
(17) But it also involves a descriptive account of human nature and institutions.
(18) He'd like "happiness" to be given a new and more scientifically descriptive label, to wit "Major affective disorder, pleasant type".
(19) The term I used was meant to be purely descriptive .
(20) In reading a novel, he generally skips over all the long descriptive passages.
(21) Confusion is avoided by using the term luminescence, and specifying the activating energy as a descriptive prefix.
(22) Coast and shoreline classifications have usually had one of three bases, descriptive, numerical or genetic.
(23) This term is matched against a list of several thousand descriptive terms arranged in associated groups.
(24) These are examples of the many questions about politics that require explanation, not mere descriptive facts.
(25) The board had decided on another candidate, an orthodox pathologist with predominantly clinical and descriptive interests and not an experimentalist.
(26) A company that manufactures photocopiers obviously holds to a descriptive core belief consistent with this empirical reality.
(27) What is more, proper names are normally introduced into discourse by means of descriptive phrases.
(28) What the opening chapter did was to provide largely descriptive material of the society with which we are concerned.
(29) It is very easy to respond to brief descriptions in catalogues that are not fully descriptive.
(30) A proper name is no less a proper name for possessing a descriptive content.
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