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Kilometer in a sentence

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Synonym: kilometreklickkmSimilar words: metercemeterycome to terms withcometcome tocome trueveteransometimeMeaning: n. a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0.621371 miles). 
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1, He can swim two kilometer.
2, After running half a kilometer, I began to feel tired.
3, A kilometer is 1000 meters.
4, The NEAs less than one kilometer in diameter probably are incompletely covered by thin layers of regolith.
5, It's a 10 kilometer race from downtown to the river.
6, The book narrates the entire trans-peninsular highway by kilometer marker.
7, How much does it cost for the first kilometer?
8, Park planning area is 6 square kilometers, including 1 square kilometer of developed area.
9, One li is equal to half a kilometer.
10, A cubic kilometer of seawater, go into the ocean and imagine a box .
11, It is 250 kilometers away from provincial capital Chengdu, 110 kilometer away from Leshan center municipal district.
12, Whole town gross area 18881 square kilometer,[] among them urban area 1116 square kilometer.
13, On the land of 50 square kilometer, it is the billow wave of construction everywhere.
14, Both were wounded during their 145 - kilometer inland detour.
15, With an 80 kilometer slick of highly poisonous chemicals heading down the Amur River towards one of China's largest cities you have to be pretty stubborn not to think that someone will notice.
16, Storm center by each hour 20 kilometer speeds to traverse in the west.
17, The tab for superhighways may run as high as 2 million dollars a kilometer.
18, The scale of this map is one centimeter to the kilometer.
19, A shark can smell blood at a distance of half a kilometer.
20, The three largest craters in the line are all roughly 4 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide.
21, Generally, it is very difficult to find asteroids smaller than about 1 kilometer in diameter using photographic techniques.
22, The best naval guns can fire a shell at about one kilometer per 148 second.
23, The belt, however, consists of perhaps forty thousand bodies larger than a kilometer in diameter.
24, The storm swirls around a 20 - to 40 - kilometer - wide area.
25, Trains running on normal Chinese railways run at 80 kilometer an hour.
26, Reasons to worry: Merapi is capable of producing a Plinian eruption (spewing at least 1 cubic kilometer of magma and producing 20 to 50 kilometer-high ash columns)every 1,[]000 years or so.
27, How far is it from here? ---- It's about a kilometer away.
28, The goal of TAOS project is measuring the number and size distribution of Kuiper Belt Objects ( KBOs ) down to a few kilometer size of cometary nuclei.
29, The hamlet of Huaxi, created on 0.6 square miles (a square kilometer) of rocky land in eastern Jiangsu province, was like hundreds of poverty-stricken villages around the country.
30, The sometimes tense journey across three oceans and dozens of countries began in Salina, Kansas, on Monday evening. The 25, 000-mile (40, 234 kilometer) voyage took 67 hours and two minutes.
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