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Audacious in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2016-10-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: arrogantboldcavalierdaringfoolhardyhaughtyinsolentAntonym: cowardtimidSimilar words: mendaciousvivaciousvoraciousloquaciouspugnaciousofficiousatrocioussuspiciousMeaning: [ɔː'deɪʃəs]  adj. 1. invulnerable to fear or intimidation 2. unrestrained by convention or propriety 3. disposed to venture or take risks. 
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1. Your plan of going abroad is an audacious decision.
2. He described the plan as ambitious and audacious.
3. In 1996, President Clinton made an equally audacious promise.
4. He made an audacious escape dressed as a woman during a Christmas party in December 1997.
5. The audacious ones stood in full view when she mounted the surrounding steps to a white marble sarcophagus.
6. He made an audacious bid for president of the student body, a job normally reserved for a law school student.
7. It makes it less audacious and less entertaining than the Eye, of course, except for the literary and dramatic reviews.
8. He hit the crossbar with an audacious lob a minute before Chelsea took the lead.
9. But Cambridge found their feet and took an audacious lead.
10. It was a breathtakingly audacious solution to an intractable problem, and the results were to be breathtaking as well.
11. His plan was audacious, and could have come only from a man combining cunning with iron determination.
12. Clara herself had never audacious enough to say that.
13. Insolent or audacious in address; coolly impudent or presuming.
14. It was audacious of him to try that.
15. The title audacious but it captured the western zeitgeist.
16. You are extremely audacious to open out a mine!
17. I grew more hardened and audacious than ever.
18. In perhaps their most audacious act, Somali pirates have boarded a Ukrainian ship carrying arms.
19. The Tirpitz had been disabled by the audacious and heroic attack of our midget submarines.
20. His heart thumped as he made this audacious declaration , that he almost choked in uttering it.
21. Piquant but not audacious , the free living attitude is concealed behind by the unbending and insouciance .
22. No one else used photomontage as a polemical medium so consistently and with such audacious cunning as he did.
23. Enter the magical Botha, who fooled everyone by swivelling behind his scrum to drop an audacious goal from miles.
24. Their imaginations are eager to go rather more than half-way to meet the audacious writer.
25. Harris foiled him with a cross-court volley into the nick and Martin lost his lead by misdirecting an audacious winner.
26. Why, I will be asked, did women form this audacious avant-garde?
27. It did so with a stunning range of creativity and a solidly audacious grace.
28. The Mossad could not have risked a diplomatic incident by kidnapping Vanunu from British soil, so he had to be lured abroad -- an audacious undertaking,( ) but in this case a successful one.
29. The leal and the hopeful shook Billy McMahan's hand. And there was born suddenly in the worshipful soul of Ikey Snigglefritz an audacious, thrilling impulse.
30. Even when they're rifling through your bins, abducting your children or conducting audacious raids on privately owned pic-a-nic baskets.
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