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Pole in a sentence

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Synonym: barbeampostrodshaftstickSimilar words: polypollwholerolesolepolicepolicyapologyMeaning: [pəʊl] n. 1. a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic 2. a native or inhabitant of Poland 3. one of two divergent or mutually exclusive opinions 4. a linear measure of 16.5 feet 5. a square rod of land 6. one of two points of intersection of the Earth's axis and the celestial sphere 7. one of two antipodal points where the Earth's axis of rotation intersects the Earth's surface 8. a contact on an electrical device (such as a battery) at which electric current enters or leaves 9. a long fiberglass sports implement used for pole vaulting 10. one of the two ends of a magnet where the magnetism seems to be concentrated. v. 1. propel with a pole 2. support on poles 3. deoxidize molten metals by stirring them with a wooden pole. 
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1. The longest pole knocks the most persimmons. 
2. The black crow perched on the telephone pole.
3. Never pole a boat from the bow.
4. He got himself up the pole.
5. A flag fluttered from a forty-foot pole.
6. The workers poked a pole into the earth.
7. This totem pole is carved from/out of a single tree trunk.
8. Every morning the flag is raised on its pole.
9. He flew to Europe via the North Pole.
10. The earth's poles are called the North Pole and the South Pole.
11. The north magnetic pole lies to the west of the geographic North Pole.
12. The pole was embedded in cement.
13. The vine twines round/up the pole.
14. She is a pole dancer at London's famous Spearmint Rhino club.
15. He hitched the horse's rope over the pole.
16. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
17. The flag hung motionless on its pole.
18. Crossing the North Pole on foot was an amazing feat of human endeavour.
19. We'd better get that pole down,(sentencedict .com)it's dangerous.
20. The South and North Pole are the two points at opposite ends of the earth, about which it revolves.
21. The flag pole wouldn't stay upright.
22. The meridian is an imaginary line drawn from pole to pole.
23. You hoist a flag when you pull it to the top of its pole.
24. This boat has a special instrument fitting round the pole.
25. Amundsen's expedition was the first to reach the South Pole.
26. The scientists will go on an expedition to the South Pole.
27. When we think of adventurers, many of us conjure up images of larger-than-life characters trekking to the North Pole.
28. All the members of the expedition to the South Pole died of exposure.
29. The conscientious researcher is careful to avoid up the pole and omission.
30. Can you fend off the other boat with your pole?
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