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Patent in a sentence

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Synonym: apparentevidentletters patentmanifestpatent of inventionplainunmistakableSimilar words: spatepatientanticipateparticipatetentthreatenintentextentMeaning: ['pætnt /'peɪtnt]  n. 1. a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention 2. an official document granting a right or privilege. v. 1. obtain a patent for 2. grant rights to; grant a patent for 3. make open to sight or notice. adj. 1. (of a bodily tube or passageway) open; affording free passage 2. clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment. 
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1. This is a fact patent to the world.
2. The device was protected by patent.
3. The patent runs out in three years'time.
4. It was patent to anyone that she disliked the idea.
5. In 1843 Bain filed a patent for his fax machine.
6. He failed to patent his invention and never made a penny from it.
7. He applied for a patent for a new method of removing paint.
8. In 1880 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent on an apparatus for signalling and communicating called a Photophone.
9. The item is Patent Pending No. 912057.
10. It was a patent lie.
11. He wore patent leather shoes.
12. How long does it take to patent an invention?
13. "No, " he replied, with patent distaste.
14. The drugs are protected by patent.
15. The defendant was enjoined from using the patent.
16. Genetically engineered plants can be protected by patent.
17. Edison took out a patent on the light bulb.
18. Try some of this new patent medicine.
19. The patent office pended the settlement of a patent application.
20. Murdock lost no time in taking out a patent for his invention.
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21. It is patent to all that this is a good chance.
22. If you don't patent your invention, other people may make all the profit out of it.
23. The company took out/filed a patent on a genetically engineered tomato that remains firm longer than untreated tomatoes.
24. In 1995 he was granted a patent for his invention.
25. He wants to take out a patent on his new type of dustbin.
26. A patent will be refused if details of the item have already been released to the public.
27. The patent was granted in 1962 or 1963 - I can't quite remember which.
28. Pearlized white patent leather handbags are popular, says Aaronson.
29. And they are taking out a patent on it.
30. Bristol-Myers Squibb holds the international patent on stavudine.
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