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Voraciously in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: voraciousconsciouslyavariciouslysubconsciouslyanxiouslyobviouslydubiouslypreviouslyMeaning: adv. in an eagerly voracious manner. 
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1. Ever since her childhood she had read voraciously.
2. Anne has always read voraciously .
3. The bears feed voraciously in summer and store energy as fat.
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4. Some animals feed voraciously in summer and hibernate in winter.
5. They voraciously consume every last bit.
6. Harriet read film and gossip column mags voraciously.
7. Its larvae bore voraciously to and fro along the grain of the wood, generally under a thin, intact surface.
8. Rather, it voraciously records anything in view; in other words it is firmly in the realm of the contingent.
9. These anaerobic bugs make ethanol by voraciously consuming syngas.
10. It is also likely that Shakespeare read voraciously.
11. They voraciously drank all the edible and potable water at one time.
12. Great authors read voraciously.
13. He read Chinese history voraciously, often basing his military and political strategies and tactics on examples from China's turbulent history.
14. In the bookstore, while we were voraciously reading a book, a shop assistant stepped up to us and asked bluntly whether we intended to buy it or not.
15. Despite their foreignness, the objects these words signify are coveted and voraciously consumed.
16. Not only does business continue to demand exploration in technological development, it completes the cycle by voraciously consuming its applications.
17. The spelling is frequently eccentric, and remained so all his life, although he read widely and voraciously.
18. Home-schooled by his parents until age sixteen, Tsiolkovskii read voraciously and developed a lifelong fascination with mathematics and physics.
19. Zhang saves almost nothing of the $260-a-month salary he earns assembling cardboard boxes, another notable shift from the previous generation, which saved voraciously.
20. Violent hunger, for example, though upon many occasions not only natural, but unavoidable, is always indecent, and to eat voraciously is universally regarded as a piece of ill manners.
21. Red lobes of 40-million-degree gas linger from violent eruptions in the past, when the black hole was consuming matter more voraciously than it is now.
22. For Abby, a breakthrough moment came at age 9: She started reading voraciously, and today reads well above the seventh-grade level.
23. Darwin was invited to attend his geology lectures and read voraciously on the subject all spring term.
24. Paterson more than made up for the lack of schooling with self-directed education, voraciously reading the classics of poetry and literature.
25. Mr. Zhang saves almost nothing of the $260-a-month salary he earns assembling cardboard boxes, another notable shift from the previous generation, which saved voraciously.
26. All I can say for myself is that I read voraciously and draw fairly well.
27. With few natural predators, they have been rapidly expanding in Caribbean and Atlantic waters, voraciously preying on local fish, shrimp and crab populations across the region.
28. The term entered into IT-speak only a year ago and has spread voraciously.
29. Research careers on the Internet, network, ask questions, read voraciously, and jot down every idea.
30. They also don't seem as determined to buy up agricultural land as voraciously in Latin America as China has begun to do in recent years.
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