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Surreptitiously in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: surreptitiousfictitiousfactitioussuperstitiousadventitiousfuriouslydubiouslyanxiouslyMeaning: adv. in a surreptitious manner. 
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1 Joe surreptitiously had a look in the answer book.
2 Surreptitiously Mark looked at his watch.
3 I brushed his back surreptitiously as I walked past.
4 She burped surreptitiously, still churning.
5 An optimistic theory of evolutionary progress was surreptitiously beginning to replace the pessimistic doctrine of universal decay.
6 Surreptitiously I pointed to my purse and raised my eyebrows at her.
7 Dealers, sometimes surreptitiously encouraged by their firms, would go to great lengths to extract information from employees of rival firms.
8 Surreptitiously, I stuck boogers on the ends of my fingertips and then tossed them on to the third rail of the subway.
9 Other leading drug wholesalers in Britain also surreptitiously buy cheap imports using specially-established subsidiary companies.
10 Surreptitiously, her hand hidden within the furry confines of her muff, Anne made the sign of the cross.
11 Glancing surreptitiously around, she glimpsed knowing smiles and heads drawn close as people whispered.
12 That involved bureau agents surreptitiously opening and photographing letters destined for the mission before allowing them to be delivered.
13 We surreptitiously logged on to the ESPN Web site.
14 The Lius then exchanged glances and smiled surreptitiously.
15 He surreptitiously fixed the election.
16 Bathed in the moonshine. A dainty jasmine . Surreptitiously issuing fragrance.
17 John Painter Jr., who covered courts for the Oregonian, a daily newspaper in Portland, Oregon, noticed jurors "surreptitiously watching me and taking notes when I took notes."
18 Or perhaps you surreptitiously make a phone call to your business partner.
19 Mother surmised you surreptitiously only because she cares about you.
20 But many continue surreptitiously trading and sharing tips through e - mails , instant messaging and texts.
21 When I checked my statement,( they surreptitiously billing me $ 30 [ 18 ] per month.
22 BD + can surreptitiously insert data about a player into a playback stream.
23 Ally surreptitiously guzzles water at every chance to avoid the dreaded dry mouth kiss.
24 It was at this event that Nom Anor surreptitiously infected Jade with coomb spores.
25 She took over the serving of the tea and cakes and Jenna had the opportunity to study her surreptitiously.
26 The taxi driver was squatting by one of Bonefish's gateposts where he surreptitiously smoked a cigarette.
27 But the Resident even of a relatively unimportant station like Krishnapur can not really allow himself to file things, even surreptitiously.
28 Sadly, unscrupulous ski resorts might misuse the new polymer, surreptitiously dusting it on the slopes of their rivals.
29 In spite of ecclesiastical prohibitions on usury, the Lancastrians and their predecessors had certainly borrowed at interest, often surreptitiously.
30 If the test fails , the ticket - user has obtained ( perhaps surreptitiously ) another person's ticket.
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