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Eros in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-03-06Updated:2017-03-06
Similar words: aerosolerosionprosperoussclerosisrhinocerosheterosexualheroproseMeaning: n. 1. (Greek mythology) god of love; son of Aphrodite; identified with Roman Cupid 2. a desire for sexual intimacy. 
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1) Eros and Psyche is in pigskin.
2) But this Eros had cast aside his bow and cruel arrows; he sat playing a lyre!
3) Eros love can be likened to an affair with a box of chocolates.
4) The sole exception, Eros, found in 1898, closely approaches Earth.
5) A laser altimeter will measure the distance to Eros, gradually assembling a detailed topographical map.
6) But some, including Eros, wander out of the asteroid belt and into the inner solar system during each orbit.
7) Eros is, after all, not so far from Agape in the pantheon of the heart.
8) Therefore,[] Eros in its present orbit can cross the orbit of Mars and pass distressingly close to Earth.
9) Eros, by Sir Alfred Gilbert, was erected in 1893 and celebrates its centenary on June 29.
10) Orange, is the exclusive Eros trainee heart thump.
11) Eros Zine: Do you still live in France?
12) Voy a invitar a muchos compa ? eros de trabajo ya otros amigos.
13) I desire to share the and luxury lifestyle Eros and great strong woman.
14) Eros is one of the planetoids which passes near the earth every now and then.
15) This god vs devil or eros vs thanatos are static models based on a moral principle as suggested before. Thus we have very basis for the moral underpinnings of psychotherapy.
16) Then Eros came to Psyche's home with his mother's instructions.
17) In men, Eros, the function of relationship, is usually less developed than Logos.
18) Another famousstory where Eros played an important part was the Argonautic expedition.
19) Filled with the extreme eros, the masochist freezes before the otherwise unbearable spectacle of cruelty and enjoys the prohibited jouissance.
20) All dresses can be lease in EROS. The price is 50 % of made - to - measure price.
21) One of their children was Eros ( Cupid ), the winged god of love.
22) What happened was the best: NEAR transmitted clear views of Eros ' rocky surface until landing interrupted its radio link to Earth.
23) The NEAR - Shoemaker probe touched down after studying the asteroid Eros for the past year.
24) Casillas sale justo en medio : cinco compa ? eros por delante, cinco por detr á s.
25) The great thinker who interprets the Christian religion in terms of eros is St. Augustine.
26) Finally, the paper gives its strategy and characteristics of managing and operating of EROS satellites.
27) The Roman god Cupid is identified with the Greek god Eros.
28) The inventor of psychoanalysis detected at the heart of the human condition a "death wish, " burrowing silently beneath the pleasure principle, the musical and deceptive call of Eros.
29) So first of all, Aristotle derived the term philia from Plato's eros, and he redefined love as something that is more dependent on reason than on passion.
30) Among her children, but not by Hephaestus , were Eros, and Anteros , Hymen, and Hermaphroditus.
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