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Opposable in a sentence

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Similar words: opposeopposedoppositionusabledisableddispensableindispensableopponentMeaning: [ə'pəʊzəbl]  adj. capable of being placed opposite to something. 
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1. The thumb is opposable to the forefinger.
2. None of the new world monkeys has opposable thumbs.
3. Without opposable thumbs, or even fingers.
4. The human thumb is opposable.
5. Since it requires the use of opposable thumbs(, it is a gesture used by higher primates.
6. But unlike man, the ape has opposable thumbs on its feet as well as on its hands.
7. Our opposable thumbs and big brains gave us the tools to dominate the planet, but wisdom comes more slowly than physical hardware.
8. In addition, the 2004 ASIMO had individually opposable thumbs allowing it to grasp objects and sense force when a human held its hand.
9. An important adaptation of humans is a strong opposable thumb, which allows us to grip and manipulate things with our hands.
10. Apes and monkeys also have opposable thumbs on their feet that help their dexterity.
11. The opposable thumb allows them to pick up small items and grip objects from Both sides.
12. Speaking by telephone from Norway, Dr. Hurum recalled: "I realized at first it's a primate. It just screams primate: opposable big toes and thumbs, no evidence of claws.
13. An hour or so later, a well-rested Shiva visits the family laptop to log on to Facebook and update her status. Only Shiva can't use the laptop alone -- she doesn't have opposable thumbs.
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14. I know the mid-grade prosthetic foot that I use everyday will never make up for the fact that I do not have an opposable ankle.
15. You can probably read and think and speak and laugh and walk and use your opposable thumbs.
16. Another important trait that apes share with man and other primates is the opposable thumb.
17. They use the same senses as we do and their feet and hands are similar to ours, except that chimpanzees still have opposable toes and can grasp things with their feet.
18. Gathering all the stealth at my command I nosed the closet dooropen and silently stood behind him, clutching the sash—not an easy featfor a creature without opposable thumbs.
19. The economical thought of Darwinism is that competition is opposable and the firm will survive if it get victory and wash out if it fail.
20. The 47 million-year-old fossil is the missing link between man and ape as the creature had opposable thumbs, and fingernails.
21. They are the only mammals on the earth, with such obvious similarities as hands (with opposable thumbs), brain function, and facial expressions.
22. The author, Charlotte Bronte, through deep writing style and true female experience, described one new female figure with strong treacherous consciousness and opposable spirit-Jane Eyre.
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