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Linkage in a sentence

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Similar words: shrinkagethink aboutleakagepackagedark agesblockagepackage tourthe dark agesMeaning: ['lɪŋkɪdʒ]  n. 1. an associative relation 2. (genetics) traits that tend to be inherited together as a consequence of an association between their genes; all of the genes of a given chromosome are linked (where one goes they all go) 3. a mechanical system of rods or springs or pivots that transmits power or motion 4. the act of linking things together. 
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1, No one disputes the direct linkage between the unemployment rate and crime.
2, There is no formal linkage between the two agreements.
3, This chapter explores the linkage between economic development and the environment.
4, He insisted that there could be no linkage with other Mideast problems.
5, In that same vein, we emphasized the product-process linkage.
6, All are given clear-cut linkage to their internal customer.
7, But without man's akashic linkage he would not have the instinctive perception of cosmic order enabling such mental processes to exist.
8, Partial chromosome 9 and chromosome 1 linkage maps showing the location of Oct-11a and Oct-11b in relation to linked genes are shown.
9, The linkage of wisdom with power can hardly have escaped a student-prince.
10, Moses the genealogy and linkage to the Davidic line and fulfilment of the prophecies outlined in the Hebrew Bible.
11, And yet the linkage of colour with verbal expression is highly problematic.
12, Hence linkage disequilibrium may build up, and may substantially affect the equilibrium mutational load.
13, The first step is to establish that linkage between nutrition factors and health status in a systematic way.
14, The linkage between the teams is clear and distinct, as is the obligation for responsive service.
15, A prerequisite for linkage studies would thus be a thorough search for subclinical manifestations of inherited liability.
16, There has been a linkage between the evolution of democracy and the expansion of avenues for traffickers into political systems.
17, It provides a coordinating linkage in an extensive network of community groups and activists,( and furnishes them with a gathering place.
18, Here you simply ensure that the mechanical linkage will give more than sufficient control and then adjust the radio transmitter in suit.
19, I went across the clattering, windy linkage space between the dining and dome cars and stood outside the toilet room.
20, Matthew throughout maintains his underlying theme of linkage with the Old Testament and proof of prophecy.
21, The Oxford Record Linkage Study was used to explore this hypothesis.
22, The linkage between the columns and the rounds would have been too evident.
23, Linkage of the addition reaction to the molecular mechanism of catalysis therefore depends on demonstration of sequence specificity.
24, The rear suspension linkage on this race bike appears to operate a shock that lies horizontally under the engine.
25, Linkage assumed that world politics revolved around the constant struggle for supremacy between the great powers.
26, Also note that the gyro gain control is similarly limited by the mechanical linkage and this too can only reduce the response.
27, Flight Controls Ailerons, rudder and elevator driven by twin hydraulic servo-actuators, and push-pull rod linkage.
28, A member of the mineral trade association is being sought to ensure that there is also adequate linkage with the commercial sector.
29, Because of this close association between stacks and subroutine linkage, some computers provide hardware stacks to deal with subroutine calls and returns.
30, Kissinger finally got the interim agreement through the Senate, thereby completing the first step in linkage.
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