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Chimera in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ChimaeraChimerachimaeraSimilar words: camerain cameracamerasemeraldbicameralephemeralboomeranginnumerableMeaning: [kaɪ'mɪərə]  n. 1. (Greek mythology) fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail; daughter of Typhon 2. a grotesque product of the imagination. 
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1. Religious unity remained as much a chimera as ever.
2. A flailing chimera of camera crews, photographers and reporters staggers backwards down some city high street.
3. This qualified chimera image will allow our comparison of Presocratic reasoning with scientific reasoning to be more precise.
4. She had become a chimera all over again.
5. Chimerism: The condition of being a genetic chimera.
6. We'll be doing some improvements to Chimera Shot.
7. The synthetic chimera polypeptide was confirmed by Edman degradation and MALDI TOF mass spectroscopy.
8. I think Nekhorvich created a monster virus in chimera , and the anti-virus to kill it in Bellerophon .
9. Is this wave of affluence a chimera or does it have solid underpinnings?
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10. Objective:To explore the relationship between chimera generated from donator bone marrow infusion and acute rejection in renal transplantation.
11. The Chimera is a supremely durable tracked troop transport, with the ability to carry up to twelve passengers along with a crew of three.
12. Tribal Totem: Chimera, a powerful dream - spirit of variegated form.
13. Efficiency will reduce the Focus cost of Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, and Arcane Shot.
14. I am fighting against my chimera; and I am still staying in my own figure.
15. Is the ideal of banishing hunger throughout the world just a chimera?
16. The notion of transparent reporting which can be understood by the untutored layman is a chimera.
17. The last of these promises often proves more than a chimera[], however.
18. Cells that are introduced into young morulae to make a chimera sometimes become commandeered as germ-line cells.
19. It was upon the advice of the Crown's United Kingdom ministers that the chimera of the Commonwealth was invented and installed.
20. The focus of media coverage in the popular press is implicitly working towards this chimera.
21. I wish only to have made it sufficiently clear that scientific reasoning is a chimera.
22. The economic sovereignty which Mrs Thatcher claims to defend is a chimera.
23. Swanbeck(from a recorded tape):Good morning Mr. Hung. Your mission , should you choose to accept it involves recovery of a stolen item designated Chimera.
24. Therefore a search for our hero, Bellerophon, we created a monster Chimera.
25. The complicated geometrical relations between the disk and are solved by using chimera grid technique.
26. Hunt:Nekhorvich specialized in recombining DNA molecules. In the myth, Bellerophon was a prince who killed the Chimera.
27. The seedlings arised from shoot crttage consisted of three types : Chinese white poplar similitudes ( 88 % ) , simon poplar ( 2.6 % ) and chimera ( 9.4 % ) .
28. In the myth, Bellerophon was a prince who killed the Chimera, the monster with the head of a lion and the tail of a 26)serpent who plagued the ancient world.
29. Baum writes touchingly: "China has been my passion, my calling, my own personal Shangri-la and Chimera rolled into one.
30. The hematopoietic recovery in half matched group was faster than in allo BMT group, esp. after day 9, as evidenced by the blood routine, bone marrow CFU GM assay, spleen node and chimera assay.
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