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Non-negotiable in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-02-28Updated:2017-02-28
Similar words: negotiatenegotiationpitiableinsatiableviableliableamiablereliableMeaning: adj. cannot be bought or sold. 
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(1) He emphasized that the government's anti-nuclear position was non-negotiable.
(2) The terms of this agreement are non-negotiable.
(3) Among the non-negotiable events to be expected during the decade are earthquakes.
(4) Must we show our willingness to negotiate the non-negotiable and lay down our arms?
(5) The price is non-negotiable.
(6) Send us one non-negotiable copy of B/L please.
(7) Freedom is the non-negotiable demand of human dignity.
(8) Required means non-negotiable[], yet we see requirements being changed and bartered and negotiated on almost every successful project.
(9) India sees its economic growth as non-negotiable, given the large number of citizens it wants to lift out of poverty.
(10) Mr. Perry says either a non-negotiable deadline will force action, or the procrastinator will gather enough information and confidence to make them appear less daunting.
(11) They'll know that you live by a non-negotiable set of beliefs and ethics.
(12) the unions call this right non-negotiable, and most citizens seem to agree.
(13) The non-negotiable element is that our conversation be in French, so I opt for Paris and e-mail his office to apologise for not being entirely fluent.
(14) One set of Non-Negotiable Documents including detailed packing list must be dispatched to applicant within 5 (days) after shipment by courier.
(15) One set of Non-Negotiable Documents including detailed packing list must be dispatched to applicant within 5 days after shipment by courier. Courier receipt must accompany with original document.
(16) d. Clauses in a non-negotiable sea waybill stating that the carrier reserves the right to tranship will be disregarded.
(17) Eventually the other majors (Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers, MGM, Columbia, and 20th Century Fox) fell in line and finally began negotiating the "non-negotiable" issue.
(18) We all probably have some non-negotiable items in each of the three categories I described above.
(19) If there is one thing that could make me hate this country, it is the Telegraph and its "non-negotiable components".
(20) Presenting a piece of information as given suggests that it is already established and agreed and is therefore non-negotiable.
(21) Insurance Policy or Certificate In two negotiable forms indicating "Original" and "Duplicate" Plus one Non-Negotiable Copy endorsed in Blank.
(22) "The Chinese government has been crystal clear throughout our discussions that self-censorship is a non-negotiable legal requirement," Google said in a post on its official Web blog on Monday.
(23) Therefore the requirement for Compute Grid to integrate with the existing enterprise scheduler was non-negotiable.
(24) A spokesman for Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma, who is among the heads of state representing the West African alliance, said Gbagbo's exit is non-negotiable.
(25) Whatever its pros and cons as an energy source, one thing that's non-negotiable about nuclear power is the construction it necessitates.
(26) In the meantime, Robert Gates, US defence secretary, has been anything but patient, branding the Futenma relocation non-negotiable and demanding its swift implementation.
(27) If any copies are issued each copy shall be marked " non-negotiable copy ".
(28) You may consider this air waybill as negotiable document, but it is non-negotiable document and cannot be transferred.
(29) r and therefore, you require centripetal acceleration towards the center-- that is non-negotiable.
(30) These ideals are shared by all people. They are the non-negotiable demands of human dignity.
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