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Antipersonnel in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-02-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: personnelpersonpersonain personpersonalpersonallypersonableimpersonalMeaning: adj. designed to inflict death or personal injury rather than material destruction. 
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1) The anti-personnel mines were laid as a protective shield around the town.
2) It was a frightful antipersonnel weapon at close range.
3) Although an immediate ban on all anti-personnel mines was endorsed by 15 retired generals, including Gen.
4) More than 90 countries drafted a treaty in September that would ban export and use of anti-personnel mines.
5) So far, the United States has said it can not agree to outlaw all types of anti-personnel mines.
6) He also sought exceptions for anti-personnel mines used in wartime, and for those protecting anti-tank mines.
7) More than 100 million anti-personnel mines are buried in 70 countries, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.
8) The intercontinental missiles have extremely strong antipersonnel power.
9) This MM have the antipersonnel force very much oh!
10) But a few hourslater, a road-clearing team found antipersonnel mines connected to a muchlarger bomb buried just up the road.
11) The speeder is armed with antipersonnel blasters and a main anti-vehicle gun.
12) The anti-radiation weapon is a kind of hard antipersonnel weapon which discoverys, traces and destroys the radars by making use of the radar radiations.
13) Deadly antipersonnel mines are no longer viewed as a legitimate weapon of war, and it is time for the US to recognize that reality with a decision to sign on to the treaty.
14) Every NATO member has foresworn the use of antipersonnel mines except for the US, as have other key allies, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Australia, and Japan.
15) Some 44 million antipersonnel mines have been destroyed from stockpiles.
16) The international community has banned antipersonnel mines because they are inherently indiscriminate weapons that have killed and injured far more civilians than soldiers.
17) The super-terrorism using large-scale antipersonnel weapons has become one real threat for the contemporary international society to face.
18) His legs were blown off by an antipersonnel mine,( and he died the next day.
19) In order to ensure antipersonnel efficiency of the shrapnel, the distance precision of the fuze must be considered.
20) Some ask how the US can join when it is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but both those nations are members of the treaty and are already obliged to reject any use of antipersonnel mines.
21) A calculation model for the analysis of portable point and area antipersonnel weapon structures is presented. Relevant dynamic equations are put forward.
22) It also requires countries to clear all territory of antipersonnel mines within ten years of when they joined the treaty.
23) Since the treaty came into force, the use of antipersonnel mines has largely dried up.
24) The ICBL, Williams later wrote, “galvanized world opinion against antipersonnel land mines to such a degree that within five years a clear and simple ban treaty had been negotiated.
25) Sulfur mustard ( SM ) is a blistering chemical warfare agent and has strong antipersonnel effect.
26) However, it still has stockpiles of more than 10.4 million antipersonnel mines for potential future use.
27) Only about a dozen of the more than 50 countries that have manufactured antipersonnel mines still retain the capacity.
28) (Washington, DC) - The current review of United States policy on antipersonnel landmines should result in a decision to join the historic treaty banning the weapon, Human Rights Watch said today.
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