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Neoclassical in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2016-12-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: classicalclassicclassifyclassifiedclassa classclassroommiddle-classMeaning: ['nɪːəʊ'klæsɪkl]  adj. characteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style. 
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1. In the original neoclassical synthesis the practical relevance of a process of price deflation for establishing full employment was regarded as minimal.
2. This great neoclassical house had been reprieved from imminent demolition in 1972 by ministers and taken into guardianship two years later.
3. Naturally, neoclassical economists will stand aghast at what they regard as an unwarranted political intrusion into the realm of positive economics.
4. The basic neoclassical approach to demand has received substantial criticism even within the economics profession.
5. No need to ponder stuff like neoclassical, traditional, deconstructionist or what the dancers should wear on their feet.
6. Rather it is neoclassical, and resembles a lyceum more than a church.
7. If one opts to play by neoclassical rules, as Lipsey in particular had, one should read the neoclassical rule book first.
8. Nowhere is the collision between neoclassical detachment and Romantic fervour more acutely represented than in these two essays.
9. Neoclassical equilibrium theory, which some macro economists had grown sceptical of, has also found new practitioners.
10. The whole paraphernalia of contemporary neoclassical economics seems to have become suddenly obsolete.
11. Neoclassical in design, his pieces employ a variety of richly - colored woods, geometric shapes, and intricate patterns.
12. The building was in the neoclassical style of the time.
13. The neoclassical model assumes that capital demand depends on the user cost. In the cash flow model, internal funds play a key role in determining investment.
14. The neoclassical theory of marginal productivity holds that the pay of the employees is equal to the marginal product of labor. However this theory does not hold true for integral technology.
15. The neoclassical aggregate production function and the portfolio approach are based on the marginal analysis method that Keynes used.
16. The neoclassical growth literature focuses on factor accumulation as an engine of growth.
17. Classical school, Neoclassical school and New institution school have given their own explanation about market competition and monopoly.
18. Even before the revolution, sober neoclassical styles were replacing the giddiness of rococo.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. The building was erected between 1798 and 1802 in the neoclassical style of the time.
20. It was on this work that Josiah Wedgwood based his neoclassical pottery designs.
21. But Caster and several other longtime tenants begged that the building be spared because of its unusual neoclassical design and rare charm.
22. Penetrate inside - stay awhile with guidebook raised - and you will find something calmly neoclassical, something wisely proportioned and cool.
23. This is a similar conclusion to that of the neoclassical synthesis except that there is no scope for the Keynes effect to operate.
24. Inspection of Figure 7.2 should make it quite clear how the neoclassical synthesis has been modified by the new classical writers.
25. In this sense, the 'organization man' takes his place alongside the neoclassical 'economic man.'
26. This paper mainly analyses their applicability of Chinese practice and theoretical guidance by discussing the bonds theory of Ricardo's school, Neoclassical school and Keynesian school.
27. Thomas Jefferson ' s anonymous design plan lost out to that of Irish architect James Hoban, a winning neoclassical structure of Virginia freestone.
28. Critical of the market, yet during his tenure domestic markets became so free that they were inspiring even to dyed-in-the-wool neoclassical economists.
29. Sand Street South 18th French Credit Agricole bank, the sand Street South 60, the Anglican Communion is neoclassical works.
30. Russia's Catherine II transformed St. Petersburg into an unparalleled collection of Neoclassical buildings as advanced as any contemporary French and English work.
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