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Heartwood in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hearthearthheartyat heartheartenby heartheartilydisheartenMeaning: n. the older inactive central wood of a tree or woody plant; usually darker and denser than the surrounding sapwood. 
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1. Heartwood from dark brown to purple brown, alternating stripes.
2. Heavy wood with dark colored heartwood used for ornaments.
3. Heartwood(duramen) The hard central region of a tree trunk made up of xylem vessels that are no longer involved in water transport.
4. Heartwood contain yellow sediment.
5. The library has a locally sourced Welsh Heartwood reception desk.
6. Heartwood is the mature wood, which is often darker,[] extending from the sapwood to the pith.
7. Six years ago I founded KIPP Heartwood Academy , a public charter school in San Jose, part of a network of 99 KIPP schools nationwide.
8. The heartwood yields a red dye. Seed can be used for oil extraction.
9. Conclusion: Wind-damage should accelerate the formation of heartwood of Lignum Santali Albi without influence on its quality.
10. It was a piece of the heartwood from the river birch.
11. The small permeability in heartwood mainly was due to there were large tylosis in the vessels and vestured pit between the vessels.
12. We all know that the price of heartwood is higher than that of sapwood.
13. In this work main chemical changes between green wood and air dried wood, heartwood and sapwood in their extractives of Picea jezoensis var. komarovii and Abies nephrolepis are studied.
14. A spiny Asian tree(Acacia catechu) having bipinnately compound leaves, spikes of yellow flowers, and dark heartwood.
15. One or more layers of living and functional sapwood cells are periodically converted to heartwood.
16. Sapwood contains xylem vessels, but not as strong as heartwood.
17. Sapwood is the lighter colored wood growing from inside the bark to the heartwood.
18. This study conducts separation and biological toxic test for extractive substance of heartwood of Catalpa bungei. Results show that major effective antifungal component are now compounds N and S.
19. Boxes, alcove posts , beds , construction fittings, cabinets and plywood. Beautiful heartwood for sliced veneer.
20. Rich and moist soils such as well–drained alluvial soils, do not support sandalwood well; the heartwood in such trees will be deficient in oil.
21. Commercially sold when a minimum of face board needs to be heartwood.
22. One must be able to differentiate between cambium and heartwood when buying furniture.
23. Objective : To evaluate the wind - damage effects on quality of heartwood of Lignum Santali Albi.
24. Sometimes known as Northern White Cedar and Eastern White Cedar, the sapwood of white cedar is thin and white, while the heartwood is a light brown.
25. A spiny tropical American tree(Haematoxylon campechianum) in the pea family, having dark heartwood from which a dyestuff is obtained.
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